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Six Of One Impressions

Posted by melancholygeek on April 13, 2008

(SPOILER ALERT) May I say: Wow? I mean, seriously, how can they possibly keep up that pace? Could it really be possible that Battlestar Galactica’s final season is all that we hoped for and more? Let’s dive in…

Grumpy Tigh at his best with Helo being the Robin to his Batman. Concerned faces on CIC. Is Adama actually RUNNING? This is going to be good…

Cat Fight! Nah, not really… But hey, the girls get some serious acting done here. What ever happened to Katee between seasons (and, no, I’m not talking the dreadful Bionic Woman here), it’s been good. And MMD? Awesome:

Where does the bullet go? Fraught with significance. Dun dun dunnnn. And, wow, Bill and Laura? Chilly… Alright, Starbuck might be repeating herself a bit too much now. No one’s impressed.

Opening credits.

Uh-oh. Baseship scene (they DO have new CGI, no?). Including piano. Can this be good? Hybrid-babble. PG13-nakey #8. Creepy old Cavil. Leoben! Ok shirt. Hairdo, not so much. I’m digressing. And finally we get some numbers down. Two, eh? Could’ve done worse. Ok, can’t say anything, but: What a frakking great scene. Says who? Me, that’s who.

Cylon Anonymous weekly meeting. Tyrol’s late. Bad Tyrol. Some flaws in cylon logic there. Forgivable. Tory, you take one for the group, right? As if there weren’t enough couplings already… we’ll see.

Starbuck in the brig. Now that’s new. Oooh. Pissed Old Man. Very, very pissed. Starbuck going all crybaby. “We’re going the wrong way.” Yeah, I think we got that. Thanks for reminding us though.

Cylon Council meeting. Today’s topic: Lobotomizing Raiders and Boomer’s a bitch. Unconscionable! (seriously, I have NEVER heard this word before) Simon’s got a line! Ok, I don’t really care either.

Ok, strip poker. STRIP POKER?! With the old man present? Not participating, thank the gods! Racetrack… nice:

Hotdog? Not so much. Oh, buff Apollo. Bad sweater time again. And seriously, what is this:

Please tell me it said in the script “Apollo gestures, obviously already hammered”. Ambrosia shots. Alright. ‘To our sweethearts, husbands and wives’? Coming from the Major, I take it these are three independent groups, yes?

Guess who fixed his sailing ship?

Tori. Baltar. Uh-oh. The scarf is a no-go. And of course there’s… wait a frakking minute, what?!


Old married couple. I can’t put it down in words how much I love this scene. Just can’t. Snorty laugh! Sit!

Apollo. Starbuck. Brig. Deja vu? So say we all. Wow. Now kiss and make up. Thanks.

Ready room, flight deck, big scene. Rat one leaving the sinking ship. Is Hotdog actually crying?! And Dee? I can’t comment on that. Don’t want to at least.

Lobotomy goodness, Simon at his best. Shiny Centurions.

Tory taking one for the group. Is it just me or is there a lot of crying going on in this episode?

Back on the base star. Oh yes. This is definitely going the right way.

Starbuck, brig, wrong way. Surprise, eh? Um, actually, yeah. Surprise. Rat two leaving the sinking ship.

What can I say… another 5/5. And it really seems like I’m in for a very special treat next week…


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