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Battlestar Galactica 4×09 ‘The Hub’ Trailer

Posted by melancholygeek on May 31, 2008



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Spidey Correction And More Hulk Goodness

Posted by melancholygeek on May 31, 2008

The back is fine again, thanks for asking. Some additions to the last post (which was again three days ago, my apologies, I really hope I’ll manage to get back on a more regular schedule):

For all of you who were actually excited about the fact that Sony were about to ditch Tobey Maguire in the next Spider Man sequels, you better stop rejoicing. io9 reports the contrary but nevertheless gives a (debatable?) collection of potential alternatives.

And there’s new The Incredible Hulk footage out there! And I have to say, each bit I see makes me more eager to see that movie. I was hesitant at first, yes, but as of now this is gonna be my next Iron Man. Let’s get a cab:

For those more interested in Battlestar Galactica than Marvel Movies, Sine Qua Non impressions will be up as soon as I can get myself to watch it again. Might be tomorrow.

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Marvel Movies And Back Issues

Posted by melancholygeek on May 28, 2008

So, my back is somewhat better, thanks for asking. The pain is now concentrated between my scapulas and doesn’t care anymore whether I move or not. I could still use some sympathy, for it hurts. Bad.

In other news concerning upcoming Marvel movies, io9 reports on first casting ideas for the potentially upcoming new Spider Man movies. Does anyone else smell franchise-reboot?

Furthermore a sh*tload of The Incredible Hulk footage has hit the nets in the last days, make sure you check them out via Major Spoilers and at io9! I’m really looking forward to this movie and every clip I see makes me wanting to see it more. I love Ed Norton and the CGI has a very nice feel to it. I can even forgive Liv Tyler playing the part of Betty Ross.

Ah, whatever, have one clip right here answering the decade-old question: What would the Hulk use for boxing gloves:

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Pork And Beans

Posted by melancholygeek on May 26, 2008

Weezer are the best. Can you name all the memes?

(via Scott)

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Memorial Day on Mars

Posted by melancholygeek on May 26, 2008

So, it’s a holiday in the States and the blogosphere comes to a halt. Why do I break the rule? Easy, while cleaning my apartment yesterday I must have done something to upset my back a little, rendering me widely unable to move. So basically what I can do is lie down (boring), stand (straight, still boring) or sit (very straight) and type. As long as no sudden movements are involved, the pain is bearable. And if I sound whiny that’s because I am! Seriously, leave some sympathy in the comments. I need that now.

In other news: We’re on Mars (again)! Yesterday, 7:53PM EST the Phoenix Mars Lander, um, landed. On Mars. Luckily without any complications. Why you ask? Let NASA answer that for you:

The complement of the Phoenix spacecraft and its scientific instruments are ideally suited to uncover clues to the geologic history and biological potential of the Martian arctic[…] and will be instrumental in achieving the four science goals of NASA’s long-term Mars Exploration Program.

-Determine whether Life ever arose on Mars
-Characterize the Climate of Mars
-Characterize the Geology of Mars
-Prepare for Human Exploration

The Phoenix Mission has two bold objectives to support these goals, which are to (1) study the history of water in the Martian arctic and (2) search for evidence of a habitable zone and assess the biological potential of the ice-soil boundary.

And while I know many people long lost interest in the space exploration program (especially unmanned) I still find this exciting. And yes, I think we should have manned missions to Mars, as well as a permanent moon base.

Why? Because we’re human, and humans do such things to bring their civilization forward. As a whole. I know few people acknowledge this, but take a look at the huge success that is the International Space Station. Mankind as a whole working together on a project that surpasses all previous achievements. Together.

I think we can use quite some more of this in (or out of) this world. And if you think otherwise, at least have a look at these pretty pictures Phoenix has taken so far.

I’m gonna sit here for a while. Very straight.

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Marvel Movie Updates

Posted by melancholygeek on May 25, 2008

Some of it old news I guess, but nevertheless interesting:

Rumor has it, Marvel aims to get Brad Pitt to play the role of norse god Thor in the upcoming movie of the same name. I already voiced my concern about such a movie in general and have to say, when I first read about their favorite choice for the actor I was even more concerned. But having put some thought in the matter, Pitt is a very versatile actor and I guess I’d like him better than any second-row wrestler for the part. Anyways, this is still completely unconfirmed as far as I know, so let’s wait and see.

On the same topic, Topless Robot reports that […]the Thor movie will be a fantasy which takes place mostly—but not exclusively—in Asgard[…]. Hmpf. For a standalone Thor movie I guess that’s not too bad an idea. But in the light of an upcoming Avengers movie, I’d rather had it they left Asgard completely out of the game and went totally on the Ultimate storyline where you have no clue whether this Hippie really is a norse god or just some super-powered impostor.

Speaking of the Ultimate universe: Again on Topless Robot it’s stated that the Captain America flick will be set in World War II. And again, seeing that I wasn’t sure about a Cap-movie in the first place, I don’t know what to think of that. Can such a movie work nowadays? I’d definitely like it better than having it set in some 9/11 aftermath setting though. Plus, again in the light of the upcoming Avengers movie, does that mean they’re going the Ultimate way here and (SPOILER ALERT?) have him being frozen in a state of suspended animation at the end of the movie? I guess I’d like that quite a bit, seeing that Ultimate Cap (after being unfrozen 57 years later) is probably the coolest version of Cap ever.

Stephen at Major Spoilers reports that the second Iron Man movie will be postponed to 2010. And seeing that I wholeheartedly agree with his thoughts on that, just head over there and read the master’s own words.

And last (and frankly perhaps least): Spider Man. io9 (as well as Topless Robot) reports that, should we get a Spidey 4 movie, it will be filmed at the same time as Spidey 5, so it’s either none or both. The io9 article also comments on casting issues for the movies, so you should definitely check that out. For me, I would really like to see some more Spider Man on the silver screen, but only if it’s done in the way the first two were, meaning: awesome. And I highly doubt they’ll be able to pull this off. So my take: Leave the franchise dormant for the time being and reboot it ten years from now. And let Marvel do the job themselves.

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BSG Linkroll Pt. III

Posted by melancholygeek on May 24, 2008

BSGNo new Episode this week which gives me the time to catch up on the latest internet buzz about our beloved Battlestar Galactica:

I already mentioned the possibility of three TV movies to come after the end of this last season (as reported on the Doctor and Mrs Who show). Seems to be true since it’s all over the intertubes now. And that’s how rumors become facts, no?

In addition to the TV movies BSG will once again bridge the gap between (half) seasons with webisodes. Take a guess who will be directing them!

You think you know who the final cylon is? Why not put your money where your mouth is?

Want to know how the series ends? Take a look at Mark Verheiden’s (completely spoiler-free) impressions on the finale script.

Or just read up on some things in this (a bit older but still) great interview with The Olmos. Or this one with Michael Angeli.

And of course make sure to check out (if you haven’t already) Mojo’s blog. He’s a Visual Effects Supervisor and artist who did, among other things, marvelous work on our beloved BSG (check out especially some Guess what’s Coming To Dinner deleted VFX and his awesome anatomy of a cylon).

In other news, The Last Supper, D’Anna’s panties and more spin-offs.

(via The Google, io9, Galactica Sitrep and Topless Robot)

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Battlestar Galactica 4×08 ‘Sine Qua Non’ Preview Goodness

Posted by melancholygeek on May 23, 2008

BSGMore preview footage of next week’s highly anticipated BSG episode Sine Qua Non has hit the intertubes. Did you know the Canadians had their own preview trailers?

Some good, eh?

And to make the next week even more unbearable, check out these 90 seconds of preview goodness:

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Guess What’s Coming To What The Frak

Posted by melancholygeek on May 23, 2008

BSGStill trying to get back on track with the postings, so here for a start the latest 60 seconds of Battlestar Galactica recap goodness, What The Frak Happened on BSG: Guess What’s Coming To Dinner:

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Battlestar Galactica 4×07 ‘Guess What’s Coming To Dinner’ Impressions Part 2

Posted by melancholygeek on May 22, 2008

BSG(SPOILER ALERT, well, hardly, seeing how much time has passed already) Sorry for the hiatus folks, but sometimes there’s just not much you can do, eh? So we left off with Gaeta staying with us in sickbay, let’s proceed:

Heavily guarded wardroom, Nat giving the Cylons: The Story So Far. And obviously Tigh isn’t up to date with cylon-lingo. His fault for never showing up on the cylon parties. What I like about that scene is the fact that, not counting marines, we have four cylons and four humans in the room (no, neither of them is the Fifth One. Period.). And the Final Four should post a bulletin some time. No, we haven’t been to earth, sorry. But yes, we are in your fleet. Mwahahaha. So, we unbox 3, you blow up the hub and we die happily ever-after? Tigh:


Tory? Not really happening. You have my word.

Adama, Tigh. Saul, are you a cylon?

To be absolutely honest with you Bill… I… um.. gotta go.

Racetrack on photo-safari. Damn pretty. The hub of course. Hit override?! She actually has to tell him not to shoot that thing? Good Raptor-jocks are hard to come by lately, eh?

Good bye Gaeta’s leg, we hardly knew you.

Galactica strategy meeting. Hoshi did some calculations, eh? Yup, you’re a goner. Like the bath privileges thing. I generally like Tigh this episode (it doesn’t show, does it?). And especially this scene. Lock, stock and barrel. Oh, and this:

Wait a second… Can I resurrect?

Basestar. Colonials chatting up Sixes and loading Vipers. So, is it just the model-leaders that are dressed individually now? Just occurred to me. Don’t like the fact that all Leobens wear red shirts…

Quorum. Mr. Vice Zarek giving the blah blah blah, Apollo being in the dark.

Cylon anonymous weekly meeting. I think they lost their focus a bit, no?

Colonial One, Tory glowing, Roslin being plain awesome. No quote, I’d have to post the full transcript of this scene. Awesome.

Skinjob strategy meeting. I guess the humans will frak us over so let’s frak them over first. And, ha! Plain-dress Eight! Oh, right, leader-Eight got shot last time. Sucks for the model. Speaking of which:

I still think I should be in command around here.

Sickbay. Gaeta singing. Apollo stalking Roslin. And knowing how it works. Yeah, right.

Tory, Baltar, not doing what they do best. Gaius, you’re such a romantic. Some people actually enjoy lying next to each other doing nothing, jerk.

Gaeta, singing.

Quorum. Roslin, making a joke (is Jacob actually nodding?!). Nat convincing twelve perpetually unhappy representatives. OK, imagine Leoben trying to cross streams with them. Guess she was a good choice.

Gaeta… well, guess what. Baltar considering him for a spot on One True God Radio.

Shared opera house vision. Bye bye. (creepy, btw)

Sickbay. OK, everybody’s stalking Roslin now. No wonder she’s wearing the wig all the time now. No Gaeta singing by the way. Just saying.

Skinjob strategy meeting, part 2. Um, strike what we decided last time, humans aren’t gonna frak us over. Perhaps giving the centurions free will wasn’t that great an idea after all? Leoben will deal with them.

Told you I should have been in command. – Yeah, whatever.

Helo, walking like a centurion, whispering to Kara. Oh and Baltar and Roslin. Of course \o/

Creepy Hera having issues. Athena even more.

Basestar. I wouldn’t want to deal with those centurions.

Now it gets a bit crowded. Tigh picking up Nat-Six, Athena running through the Operastar Galactihouse (another line for Dee!), Roslin and Baltar on their way to the Hybrid. Musical score: Gaeta’s Lament. And Tyrol does his best acting when he has no lines. Nat and Hera sharing a moment. Tigh:


Athena holding Nat at gunpoint, Tyrol just doing it, Roslin shutting up Baltar. And me, seconds later: see Tigh above.

Gaeta, singing.

Michael Angeli, you are now officially my hero. I know I keep saying this, but, hey, best episode so far? Yup, I think so. The pace, the story lines, the WTFs. The fleet without their president, the cylon rebels without their leader. Next week’s episode should rock the house even more.


One word impression: Jump!

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