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The Road Less Travelled Impressions

Posted by melancholygeek on May 4, 2008

(SPOILER ALERT) Four episodes into the last season and I have to say, I’m still quite content with all that’s happened so far. The pace is alright (although last week’s episode was a bit cramped with storylines) and I like it where they go with the characters. And this episode – a little more straightforward than the last one – continues on just this path. Onward on The Road Less Scrambled:

We start with the Robinson Thrace family lost in space on the USS Smellyship. Kara’s still on her Bob Ross trip, adding happy little mountain goats to her happy little world. Helo’s not impressed. Everyone’s a critic nowadays, eh? And Starbuck wanting to fly a viper? Now that’s crazy talk! (Seriously, I don’t get the fuzz about that. Or why she’s taking her boots on and off again. But she’s not crazy.)

Ragtag fleet. Baltar making sense. Kind of. Sort of. Yeah, not really. Come here, I’ll give you a hug. And tune in to The One True God Radio with Gaius Baltar!

It’s also great for kids! And yeah, that’s kinda how I would look rope-skipping:

Seriously, it’s uncanny. And a tad bit frustrating. I should lay off the beer. But I digress…

Demetrius. Athena ‘I wanna go home’ Agathon nagging, her hubby giving her the jaw. Starbuck not looking the least bit crazy. Lieutenant ‘Expendable’ Pike trying to be funny. Can he be killed? Pretty please?

Not-crazy-Starbuck doing the one-hand steer. Hotdog actually IS funny. Gaeta calling Action Stations, I kinda missed that. And guess who’s dropping by? \o/

Opening credits.

Leoben ‘Honey, I’m Home’ Conoy freaking everybody out. So is Kara. But she’s not crazy.

Cylon Anonymous weekly meeting in the launch-tube of death. Well, just Six Tory and Tyrol, not making sense. She’s there for him. Isn’t that sweet.

Demetrius. Gaeta’s marvelous!

Darling, you’re home early! And Kara’s not crazy. And Helo should definitely play the part of Trap-Jaw in a new Masters of the Universe movie.

Now who’s Kara’s favorite cylon? Sorry Anders, but you can’t beat this:

Ok, technically you have. Repeatedly. But still. Oh, and I CAN HAZ ALLIANCE? Love that.

Rest of the crew, not so much. Right. Did I mention how awesome Gaeta is in this episode? The Agathons? Diverse: Yes. Convincing: No.

Six Tory and Baltar. Doing what they do best.

The One True God Radio. Now with Snacks! And Cylon Anonymous weekly meeting part two.

Back to the Demetrius. Good bye Mathias, we hardly knew you.

Baltar asking for forgiveness from Chief Specialist Mister Tyrol. And likes to be strangled. I wonder if Tory knows about this? Plus: Suicidal tendencies seem to be contagious.

Kara, not being crazy. Leoben having a malfunction of his teeth auto-cleaning system.

Mathias: Still dead. Starbuck: Still not crazy. Pike: Getting beat up by Trap-Jaw. Athena:

Tyrol and Baltar finally kiss and make up shake hands. Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Not-crazy Kara can haz mutiny. To be continued.

Verdict: Two straight storylines, no Quorum but no Adama/Roslin either. Demetrius: Great. Baltar/Tyrol: Quite alright. And I’m a Leoben fanboy. 4/5. More cylony goodness next week!


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