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A busy week on teh interwebs

Posted by melancholygeek on May 5, 2008

A lot of stuff happened while I was busy moving the blog, and here are my top picks in chronological order:

April 25th to 26th ROFLCon happened in Cambridge, MA. Of course I couldn’t make it there and it’s a real shame. Randall Munroe, Jay Maynard and many more to meet. Check out the site for great pictures and panel transcripts.

On April 28th, the geek-world’s O.J. Simpson, Hans Reiser, was found guilty of first degree murder after a 6 month trial in Oakland, CA. I’m not going to retell the whole tale here, but let me state this: I still believe Hans is innocent. Check out the full coverage of the trial over at Wired’s Threat Level blog.

Also on April 28th news hit the net that for the first time a superheavy element was found in nature. In the given case it’s unbibium, atomic number around 122. Usually such superheavy nuclei are manufactured at special facilities and don’t occur in nature due to their very short lifetime. Claims are though that from a certain point on there would occur a so called island of stability where the superheavy nuclei are stable enough to actually occur in nature. And obviously, this is the case. And yes, such things excite me. I DO have a life apart from Battlestar Galactica. Nuclear physics. Now that’s sad.

Speaking of research facilities and teh intertubes: Happy belated birthday to the free and open Internet. On April 30th 1993 the people at CERN put libww in the public domain, thereby liberating the architecture underlying webservers and subsequently the web itself.

1st of May (outdoor fscking starts today) on slashdot: Orson Scott Card Blasts J.K. Rowling’s Lawsuit. Many people do have issues with Ender’s Game author Card, but here I have to say: Way to go, Orson!

May 3rd, Iron Man opens! And I still haven’t had the time to see it! Sometime this week. Must. See. Iron. Man.


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