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Marvel Movie Madness

Posted by melancholygeek on May 6, 2008

From what I read and hear, Iron Man seems to be all the goodness I hoped it to be. And hopefully I’ll see for myself some time end of this week. Especially after the rather underwhelming Spidey 3 and Ghost Rider (I didn’t think X3 all that bad although it was definitely the weakest of the three. Oh, and FF never happened, neither of them), it’s good to see Marvel heroes claiming the Box Office throne again not just because of the big name.

What does the future hold? A relaunch of the Incredible Hulk franchise of course this year, which I’m somewhat indifferent about. Loving Edward Norton as an actor, I still can’t see him in the role of Bruce Banner, but I’m curious. And as of yesterday we also know about the intermediate future of Marvel’s supermovies:

End of 2008: Punisher: War Zone. Honestly, I could care less. I really liked him in the comics, especially when his and Spidey’s paths did cross, but I just can’t get excited about his movie career. Maybe Dolph Lundgren ruined it for me.

2009: X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Can be good. Has the potential to suck. I see great danger that the movie will solely count on the popularity of the character and the actor and thus leaving the story somewhat behind. The cast reads good though.

2010: Iron Man 2. Now that’s a guaranteed hit. First sequels to hit superhero movies always work. The only thing I’m concerned about is the introduction of a certain character we’ll come to in a second.

2010: Thor. Alright, alright. I know where this is going (and you will too should you read just a little bit further) and I’m excited about that. But a full-blown Thor movie? I’m not so sure. I really can’t see any way this movie isn’t going to suck big time. But then again, I’m no filmmaker. Maybe I’ll be surprised?

2011: The First Avenger: Captain America. Now there we have some interesting thing going on. Cap has the potential of making a great, awesome movie. Especially being closely tied to the Avengers franchise. On the other hand is the potential of the star-spangled shield-wielder to make for an utterly crappy proud-to-live-in-the-greatest-country-on-earth-movie. Please don’t make it the latter! Especially seeing the next point on the list.

2011: The Avengers. Of course this highly depends on how The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America work out, but seeing this movie really happening makes me all tingly. If they manage to frak that up, I’m never going to watch another superhero movie again. Even though there’s more in the pipeline that actually has potential aswell.

Furthermore in the pipeline: Spider-Man 4 and Ant-Man. I really have no idea what Spidey 4 might be like. Really, no clue. I have no hopes, no fears, no nothing. Just make it better than #3. And never, ever look at the Superman franchise when it comes to sequel-making. Ant-Man on the other hand is something I’m looking forward to. Hank Pym is a character that should translate rather nicely to the silver screen. And introducing him well after the Avengers movie smells a lot like Avengers 2.

Check out the sources (and the more qualified comments therein) here, here and here.

(via io9, Major Spoilers and Topless Robot)


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