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SciFi, Marvel, Roadkill And More Weddings

Posted by melancholygeek on May 9, 2008

Good thing I keep a stash of links I save for a rainy day… Although the weather is marvelous and I shouldn’t be at the computer anyway. But I promised another post, and I’m one to keep his promises. And then go out to have a nice cold one in the sun 🙂

In the latest SciFi related web-buzz: According to Major Spoilers, John Sheridan/Tron joins the cast of Heroes (makes me hopeful), Annalee at io9 tells us her reasons for hating E.T. (makes me agree), Topless Robot presents us with The 8 Most Preposterous Movie Computer Moments (makes me cringe) and there is a life after the Death Star for Stormtroopers (makes me smile).

Marvel released a full-blown trailer for the new animated series Wolverine and the X-Men and my fanboy-heart jumps for joy:

(Sources with better quality video here and here).

Some people think of me as slightly disturbed. I wonder if that’s because all I had to cuddle with in my childhood was adorable roadkill? (Just kidding of course… But really, I would have loved those a s a kid! I guess. via BoingBoing)

And about the weddings? I’m out of bad puns for this, so just check out two four-packs of the double length Cottonsofts toilet tissue wrapped around a bride. (also, via BoingBoing).

That’s it for now. Check back on the weekend for new Battlestar Goodness and whatever else I might find noteworthy.


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