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Battlestar Galactica 4×06 ‘Faith’ Impressions

Posted by melancholygeek on May 10, 2008

BSG(SPOILER ALERT) This was probably the most intense episode of BSG I’ve watched in quite some time. Honestly, right after watching it I briefly contemplated skipping my impressions this week, seeing how taken aback I was. But then again, Faith‘s very last scene made me reconsider. So, let’s do this:

Mutiny on the USS Smellyship. The Jaw taking charge, the wife headlocking not-crazy Kara. Anders wondering about that stiff feeling in his back. Seelix has a line early in the episode? Probably not this week’s casualty then. Anders discovers the reason for the stiffness: It’s a backbone! Kara doesn’t seem to appreciate it. Neither does Gata, obviously. One could have given him the morphine before the blood-stopper, no? And wouldn’t you know, Kara gets her sanity back. Mark her words ‘This is crazy‘. Good thing Athena speaks the binary language of moisture vaporators. And Bocce. Seelix all warmed up. So are Helo’s facial expressions:

(The HD is a lie!)

Wouldn’t it make sense to jump before the window closes? Ah, never mind.

Opening Credits.

Rag Tag Fleet. Roslin finally showing some skin. And Who’s a good cylon? Yes, Tory, you’re a good cylon! *pats* Thank you. Let’s go.

Demetrius. So, everyone’s been to the bathroom? Then we’re good to go. And obviously it doesn’t violate any fundamental laws of nature to have Callum Keith Rennie on screen in two consecutive weeks (as it seems even three). And speaking of bathroom, this is so making it on the wall above my toilet:

And no Leoben, Athena doesn’t want to buddy-up with you. Oh! Her! She! Whatshername! I’ve seen her before! Yeah, you’re pretty much dead. Leoben trying to buddy-up with Anders now? Dude, he punched and kicked the living crap outta you just last week… Oh, yeah, right. My bad.

Demetrius, Felix and Karl share a moment.

The Millenium Falcon Raptor in the debris of what was once Alderaan the rogue cylon fleet. Unstruck music, vibrating. Kara being one of the few to come up with the idea to just fly straight to get out of the asteroid debris field. At least Athena’s fluent in over six million forms of communication. And that’s no moon comet, it’s a space station basestar! Break! Break! Break!

Welcome aboard, enjoy your stay and please just ignore the ickyness of organic hangar doors. Do I get that right, Athena is now officially the smartest 8? They boxed the wrong line. You pick your side and then you stick. And when the chance of mutiny arises, you take your captain in a headlock. Yeah, right.

Sickbay, One True God Radio. Nana Visitor (\o/ btw) working on her medical degree. Take your […] catheters and stick em where the sun don’t shine.

DeathBasestar again. Don’t they kinda seem like a happy little family? Well, apart from Barolay (not looking good, girl). And Anders? I like him. And in this scene, even Athena is ok. I’m gonna need some data cabling right away. Single Mode 1310. It’s those details that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Good bye Barolay, we hardly knew you.

And, um, Anders, Nathalie, Six? Wow. Just wow. And that’s got nothing to do with Tricia Helfer making out with herself. Really.

Sickbay. MMD and NV are just marvelous. Can’t say more.

Basestar, centurion (not Sparkly I assume), hybrid-babble. Concerning the latter, you might want to check out this rather accurate transcript on the SciFi forum.

Sickbay. Laura, Emily. And me, in awe.

Basestar, more hybrid babble. The children of the one reborn? Leoben giving the ‘Hybrid Babble for Dummies’.

Demetrius. Right, I totally forgot about it.

Basestar again. Obviously the Red Shirt concept is known amongst the cylons as well. End of line.

Sickbay, the ladies discussing faith. And I kinda like where that’s headed. And, man, the girls are good.

Basestar, Athena’s a bitch. Anders on the other hand… yeah, I’m growing more and more to like him. They know how to get to earth.

Um, no we don’t.

Laura, Emily, dream sequence.

Sickbay. I have no words.

Demetrius. I do understand correctly that Hotdog is Helo’s XO?! Ok, seeing that the Demetrius follows Galactica’s path of sending all useful CIC-crew on suicide missions, it does make sense. Kind of. And Seelix: Not helping. And Hold the count! sounds a lot like Holy Cow. All your basestar are belong to us.

Finishing touch: Adama/Roslin. Gave me goosebumps. And, might I direct your attention to the following:

The question was What made you change?, not What made you change your mind? just saying. And did anyone notice his voice when he said You.? I’m right with you, old man. I’m right with you.

To sum it up: I LOVE this episode. It got everything in I love about that series and more. Characters were marvelous and I really dig the new two storylines are sufficient stance.


One word impression: Intense.


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