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Bamber On Battlestar Galactica’s Final Season

Posted by melancholygeek on May 13, 2008

BSGI might be losing geek-cred for this, but the weather’s far too nice to be blogging, so sorry for the lack of updates recently. Battlestar Galactica news on the other hand outweigh even the most brilliant sunshine, so here we go (hardly spoilerish):

At Seatlle’s Emerald City ComiCon beginning of this week, Jamie Bamber (Lee ‘Apollo’ Adama, if you didn’t know that why are you even here?!) dropped by at BuddyTV‘s booth and gave a quick interview. Among other things, he spilled this:

The cliffhanger of season 4, the mid-season cliffhanger, is one of my favorites for my character.

Go ahead and squeal all you Lee/Kara shippers.

Yet another piece of information I found to be noteworthy:

Obviously they’re going to play out these next four [episodes], then you’re going to have 10 episodes left. I think the two possible airings for those 10 will be in the fall or January ’’09.


Make sure you check out the full interview (transcript and mp3) over at BuddyTV!

And on a more personal note: Iron Man tonight! Finally.


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