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Iron Man Impressions

Posted by melancholygeek on May 15, 2008

(Actually this post started out to be less about Iron Man and more about a certain experience I had right after the movie, but I sort of got dragged away by the topic. Another rant, another time)

So, I finally got around to to see Iron Man. I’m not trying to give a detailed review here, seeing that this as already been done multiple times in a way more qualified manner than I would be able to deliver. All I say is: What an awesome movie! Great action, great story, great actors. It’s a movie very well to enjoy for those who never ever read one of the comic books and it’s a ridiculously awesome flick for those who did. I can say this from first hand experience, since I went with a friend who, despite being a fellow geek in oh so many ways, rarely ever touched a comic book at all. And he loved it! And trust me, he can be rather picky when it comes to movies.

Still there are two points I did read about in various reviews which I’d like to address: Occasional cheesy dialog and inaccurate physics.

Cheesy dialog. Here critique usually comes up concerning some Pepper Potts scenes. While I can see where people are coming from here (The thingy that picks locks) I have to admit, this is something I expect and even hope for in a Comic Book Movie. I’m not talking the Holy Comic Relief, Batman!kind of cheesy here, mind you. But I love me some really cheesy lines thrown around by either the main or the minor characters. One of the few things I really liked about Spider-Man 3 for example were the lines thrown back and forth between Harry and Peter in the final battle. And why is that? Because it happens in the comics all of the time! So yeah, I’m very cool with the cheesy dialog.

Inaccurate physics. OK, for that one, let me remind you, I’m a scientist myself. So, yeah, I do see the mistakes. And probably I should even be offended by some really blatant displays of ignorance concerning basic physical principles (inertia usually being the most popular). And you know what? Sometimes I really am. I am in movies, that take themselves seriously (Contact being one of them). Especially ‘dark’ SciFi. But in the given case? It’s a frakking Comic Book Movie! I know it’s fun to discuss the science of superheroes. I enjoy that as much as the next geek. But really, please, claiming a superhero movie is bad because it gets its science wrong? Get over it and watch some Roadrunner cartoons.

’nuff said.


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