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Battlestar Galactica 4×07 ‘Guess What’s Coming To Dinner’ Impressions Part 1

Posted by melancholygeek on May 19, 2008

BSG(SPOILER ALERT) Good things come to those who wait, so they say. So welcome to the belated Guess What’s Coming To Dinner Impressions. And I have to admit, I’m running out of superlatives. While other recappers on the net hand out A+s like candy on Halloween I was out trying to bring a little balance to the force. But, hey, what can you do? This season just keeps getting better and better with every episode. So let’s see how this week’s sh*t hits the fan:

Colonial One, Congressman Adama playing Roslin his favorite One True God Radio mix-tape. Isn’t that sweet. Frak the Quorum, frak the people, I’m president and you stop whining. Gods, I love her when she’s like that. Yes.

USS Smellyship and roughed up basestar. Kara being Kara. ‘Thanks for the basestar and everything Leoben, but Nat here’s in charge now’.


Helo supervising jump-prep, very captainy. Nat exposing the beloved Miss Park for what a marvelous actress she is:

What’s my line again?

Darn those sync points! Godsdammit. (Best. Helo. Line. EVER.)

Rag-tag fleet plus one. The Old Man and Tigh in what’s perhaps the best formation flight of the series:

No Demetrius, no com. Frak. (seriously, I love them one-liners) Something isn’t right! Umm… perhaps that the basestar is neither firing missiles nor launching raiders? Nah, Tigh’s cylonity saves the day. Which is too bad, seeing that The Bucket packs quite some neat new guns. I DID mention how they love their new CGI, no? And wouldn’t you know? Dee has a line again! On the other hand, so did Hoshi… Time to pick this week’s casualty?

Opening Credits.

Yup, they love their new CGI. Love what you’ve done with the hangar bay, darling. But seriously, we have to talk about the drapes. Colonel, they’re with me. Very reassuring coming from someone who was borderline insane the last time he saw her, no?

Gaeta, sickbay, he’s staying with us.

OK folks, I don’t know exactly what’s wrong this week, but more pressing matters demand my attention. Let’s take a break here and check back for the second part of the impressions later this week.


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  1. c said

    Look what google alerts are good for. \o/

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