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Battlestar Galactica 4×07 ‘Guess What’s Coming To Dinner’ Impressions Part 2

Posted by melancholygeek on May 22, 2008

BSG(SPOILER ALERT, well, hardly, seeing how much time has passed already) Sorry for the hiatus folks, but sometimes there’s just not much you can do, eh? So we left off with Gaeta staying with us in sickbay, let’s proceed:

Heavily guarded wardroom, Nat giving the Cylons: The Story So Far. And obviously Tigh isn’t up to date with cylon-lingo. His fault for never showing up on the cylon parties. What I like about that scene is the fact that, not counting marines, we have four cylons and four humans in the room (no, neither of them is the Fifth One. Period.). And the Final Four should post a bulletin some time. No, we haven’t been to earth, sorry. But yes, we are in your fleet. Mwahahaha. So, we unbox 3, you blow up the hub and we die happily ever-after? Tigh:


Tory? Not really happening. You have my word.

Adama, Tigh. Saul, are you a cylon?

To be absolutely honest with you Bill… I… um.. gotta go.

Racetrack on photo-safari. Damn pretty. The hub of course. Hit override?! She actually has to tell him not to shoot that thing? Good Raptor-jocks are hard to come by lately, eh?

Good bye Gaeta’s leg, we hardly knew you.

Galactica strategy meeting. Hoshi did some calculations, eh? Yup, you’re a goner. Like the bath privileges thing. I generally like Tigh this episode (it doesn’t show, does it?). And especially this scene. Lock, stock and barrel. Oh, and this:

Wait a second… Can I resurrect?

Basestar. Colonials chatting up Sixes and loading Vipers. So, is it just the model-leaders that are dressed individually now? Just occurred to me. Don’t like the fact that all Leobens wear red shirts…

Quorum. Mr. Vice Zarek giving the blah blah blah, Apollo being in the dark.

Cylon anonymous weekly meeting. I think they lost their focus a bit, no?

Colonial One, Tory glowing, Roslin being plain awesome. No quote, I’d have to post the full transcript of this scene. Awesome.

Skinjob strategy meeting. I guess the humans will frak us over so let’s frak them over first. And, ha! Plain-dress Eight! Oh, right, leader-Eight got shot last time. Sucks for the model. Speaking of which:

I still think I should be in command around here.

Sickbay. Gaeta singing. Apollo stalking Roslin. And knowing how it works. Yeah, right.

Tory, Baltar, not doing what they do best. Gaius, you’re such a romantic. Some people actually enjoy lying next to each other doing nothing, jerk.

Gaeta, singing.

Quorum. Roslin, making a joke (is Jacob actually nodding?!). Nat convincing twelve perpetually unhappy representatives. OK, imagine Leoben trying to cross streams with them. Guess she was a good choice.

Gaeta… well, guess what. Baltar considering him for a spot on One True God Radio.

Shared opera house vision. Bye bye. (creepy, btw)

Sickbay. OK, everybody’s stalking Roslin now. No wonder she’s wearing the wig all the time now. No Gaeta singing by the way. Just saying.

Skinjob strategy meeting, part 2. Um, strike what we decided last time, humans aren’t gonna frak us over. Perhaps giving the centurions free will wasn’t that great an idea after all? Leoben will deal with them.

Told you I should have been in command. – Yeah, whatever.

Helo, walking like a centurion, whispering to Kara. Oh and Baltar and Roslin. Of course \o/

Creepy Hera having issues. Athena even more.

Basestar. I wouldn’t want to deal with those centurions.

Now it gets a bit crowded. Tigh picking up Nat-Six, Athena running through the Operastar Galactihouse (another line for Dee!), Roslin and Baltar on their way to the Hybrid. Musical score: Gaeta’s Lament. And Tyrol does his best acting when he has no lines. Nat and Hera sharing a moment. Tigh:


Athena holding Nat at gunpoint, Tyrol just doing it, Roslin shutting up Baltar. And me, seconds later: see Tigh above.

Gaeta, singing.

Michael Angeli, you are now officially my hero. I know I keep saying this, but, hey, best episode so far? Yup, I think so. The pace, the story lines, the WTFs. The fleet without their president, the cylon rebels without their leader. Next week’s episode should rock the house even more.


One word impression: Jump!


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