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Marvel Movie Updates

Posted by melancholygeek on May 25, 2008

Some of it old news I guess, but nevertheless interesting:

Rumor has it, Marvel aims to get Brad Pitt to play the role of norse god Thor in the upcoming movie of the same name. I already voiced my concern about such a movie in general and have to say, when I first read about their favorite choice for the actor I was even more concerned. But having put some thought in the matter, Pitt is a very versatile actor and I guess I’d like him better than any second-row wrestler for the part. Anyways, this is still completely unconfirmed as far as I know, so let’s wait and see.

On the same topic, Topless Robot reports that […]the Thor movie will be a fantasy which takes place mostly—but not exclusively—in Asgard[…]. Hmpf. For a standalone Thor movie I guess that’s not too bad an idea. But in the light of an upcoming Avengers movie, I’d rather had it they left Asgard completely out of the game and went totally on the Ultimate storyline where you have no clue whether this Hippie really is a norse god or just some super-powered impostor.

Speaking of the Ultimate universe: Again on Topless Robot it’s stated that the Captain America flick will be set in World War II. And again, seeing that I wasn’t sure about a Cap-movie in the first place, I don’t know what to think of that. Can such a movie work nowadays? I’d definitely like it better than having it set in some 9/11 aftermath setting though. Plus, again in the light of the upcoming Avengers movie, does that mean they’re going the Ultimate way here and (SPOILER ALERT?) have him being frozen in a state of suspended animation at the end of the movie? I guess I’d like that quite a bit, seeing that Ultimate Cap (after being unfrozen 57 years later) is probably the coolest version of Cap ever.

Stephen at Major Spoilers reports that the second Iron Man movie will be postponed to 2010. And seeing that I wholeheartedly agree with his thoughts on that, just head over there and read the master’s own words.

And last (and frankly perhaps least): Spider Man. io9 (as well as Topless Robot) reports that, should we get a Spidey 4 movie, it will be filmed at the same time as Spidey 5, so it’s either none or both. The io9 article also comments on casting issues for the movies, so you should definitely check that out. For me, I would really like to see some more Spider Man on the silver screen, but only if it’s done in the way the first two were, meaning: awesome. And I highly doubt they’ll be able to pull this off. So my take: Leave the franchise dormant for the time being and reboot it ten years from now. And let Marvel do the job themselves.


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