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Marvel Movies And Back Issues

Posted by melancholygeek on May 28, 2008

So, my back is somewhat better, thanks for asking. The pain is now concentrated between my scapulas and doesn’t care anymore whether I move or not. I could still use some sympathy, for it hurts. Bad.

In other news concerning upcoming Marvel movies, io9 reports on first casting ideas for the potentially upcoming new Spider Man movies. Does anyone else smell franchise-reboot?

Furthermore a sh*tload of The Incredible Hulk footage has hit the nets in the last days, make sure you check them out via Major Spoilers and at io9! I’m really looking forward to this movie and every clip I see makes me wanting to see it more. I love Ed Norton and the CGI has a very nice feel to it. I can even forgive Liv Tyler playing the part of Betty Ross.

Ah, whatever, have one clip right here answering the decade-old question: What would the Hulk use for boxing gloves:


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