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Battlestar Galactica 4×08 ‘Sine Qua Non’ Impressions

Posted by melancholygeek on June 1, 2008

BSG(SPOILER ALERT if you’ve been asleep the past couple of days) So, another episode of our beloved Battlestar Galactica finally aired after (depending on where you are) two weeks of desperation. Was it worth the wait? Definitely! Because now it’s only one more week to go to a hopefully awesome episode that makes us forget this week’s, um, not so awesome episode, without which The Hub could not be. So let’s dig through this:

Freshly shot Nat6 still alive and on her way to sickbay, getting the Cottle treatment. Wouldn’t you cut the bra open as well? Just to reduce pressure? On her chest I mean. Just saying.

Quorum, the President MIA, all hell breaks loose. Where is Zarek? Lee to the rescue?

Zarek’s on the phone! With Dee, who’s now promoted to take the Admiral’s calls. Gets her another line. The Old Man could care less. What’s Dee doing in sickbay anyway? Along with Tigh and the Old Man? And Helo MIA? Who’s Galactica actual? Hoshi? Adama doing the The Road Less Traveled Starbuck: My quarters. Guess they won’t paint.

Back to the mess that is Colonial One. Zarek’s giving the blah blah, not being taken seriously by the Admiral – surprise. Cut to projecting Nat6, cut back to Tory (!) and Zarek, knowing nothing. Cottle and Nat6 holding hands, Zarek’s President. Good bye Natalie, we hardly new you.

Lee whining about how daddy ignores is president-buddy. Daddy doesn’t care, giving Athena the You were like a daughter to me speech. He is pissed, that’s for sure. Athena? Had a vision. More than just a vision. Bah. Get her out of my sight!

Quorum, delegate Adama. No, daddy don’t like Zarek. *sulks*

Opening credits.

Tigh, Adama, CIC. No sign of anything. And Kara’s CAG now?

Colonial One. Zarek being disappointed in delegate Adama. And getting delusions of grandeur. And being generally bitchy. And Lee’s just marvelous. Really: In the military we used to talk about facts on the ground. Seconds later: Let’s form a committee! Seems we’re getting yet another president this episode…

Zarek rambling on on One True President Radio. Romo! \o/ Um, Romo? I tawt I taw a putty tat! Wait a second, Deus Ex Machina Romo Lampkin and Lee are the search committee? This can’t be good. Or can it? I did! I did! I did taw a putty tat! OK, did that scene make any sense to anyone out there? Apart from giving the two some screen time? Anyone? Didn’t think so.

CIC. Colonel Tigh, I understand you developed a relationship with the cylon prisoner. Busted! Bill… We’ll find her. That was sweet. Tigh is my beacon of hope so far concerning this episode.

Brig, Cap6 and Tigh not having a relationship. But something to talk about. Set condition one throughout Tigh’s pants the ship.

Guess what’s coming to dinner? One of the missing Raptors! Racetrack and Skulls checking it out. Good bye Pike we hardly knew you (but couldn’t stand you nevertheless).

Hangar Bay, the Old Man checking out the Raptor himself. Searider Falcon! This is the shuttle she took over to the base ship! I like how they only address Roslin as ‘she’ or ‘her’, never by name. Adama losing it: What about the fleet? – Let’s go!

Lampkin, Lee, Colonial One. Blah, blah (And by ‘blah, blah’ I mean blatantly obvious references to Lee being the next President). No putty tat. Just a bag. Hm. Does your father have some other place he wants to go? OK, that was nice.

Cylon/Colonial debris field. Uh-oh. Good bye Sandman, we, um, didn’t know you at all?

CIC. Bill being way too close to this. Or, as I would put it, having lost it. Not that I can’t understand him, asses hanging in the wind or not. Give my order.

Quorum, Zarek, blah, blah (different ‘blah, blah’ this time).

Lampkin, Lee, the other blah, blah. (yes, I AM getting tired of this). And another putty tat sighting.

Adama, Cottle (\o/). Not looking good for Laura. And what’s wrong with Cap6? Uh-oh…

Tigh, Adama, Admiral’s quarters. I’m not interested in the search. Now that’s new! Tigh, you old stud! The Final Five indeed are totally different, eh? Or are they… OK, now that’s finally worth a screencap:

Frakking(adj.) women.

Two old men beating the living crap out of each other and me enjoying every second:

Do you know how many times I had to repair this thing?

Great scene. Period.

Brig, Athena. Humming.

Kara. Adama not asking.

Hangar Bay, Adama, Romo (/o\). Actually he’s giving quite a nice speech there! Maybe it’s just Lee that makes him so… je ne sais quoi? Good bye counselor? (Am I the only one who, for a very brief moment, pictured Romo in Deanna Troi’s first season TNG outfit? And while I’m writing this… Deanna, D’Anna, Troi, Tory… you are a lazy bastard RDM!).

Lee and the Old Man. Moving. Especially since Lee has no lines. And the fleet no Admiral. Wow. And again, it’s just ‘her’, I really like this.

Romo, Putty Tat. That ‘blah, blah’ again. Weird scene.

Romo, Lee, even more weird scene! The cat is a lie! And Lee’s president. Did I mention: /o\? Although I kind of like the way Romo holds a mirror up to the spoiled brat.

Admiral (former) and Admiral (present). This is a frakking joke. Gods, the two are good.

You found out a lot about yourself.

We all need our family. Frak Athena, but this made me blink away a tear (within the given context, seeing he’s not talking about Lee).

Lee being very presidential, Tory saying Alright. Jake?! Oh come on. Please don’t tell me they have deleted scenes for this episode and left this one in!

Lee and the Old Man, one being awesome, one not so much. Why are you doing this? – Because I can’t live without her. What can I say, I’m a romantic.

And to make up for that I spare you a picture of the Old Man in a flight suit. Hangar bay, Starbuck hearing nothing but the rain and keeping the light on.

Brig. Athena still humming. With Hera now.

Galactica this is Husker, I’m in position. Gave me goosebumps. Tigh, very actual. Husker watching the fleet jump away, picking up Searider Falcon. Me, blinking away another tear. Nah, just allergies. Really.

The End.

First and foremost, let me say that Michal Hogan has more acting talent in one eye than Jamie Bamber will show in his whole career (as do The Olmos in one Scar or Donnelly Rhodes in one wrinkle). Really, I kind of loved every scene with Adama (sen.), Tigh and Cottle. Although I have to admit they might have overdone the Adama-bit a little, but I’m in for that.

Sadly, I hated the complete rest of the episode. Lee, Zarek, Athena, Quorum and, sadly, even Romo. Such a waste. And don’t ever get me started on Jake! So basically, a steaming pile of crap with some gems in it. But lest we forget, it was mainly a precursor for next week’s The Hub. But being in the final season with only 11 episodes to go, why waste a whole one on all this?


One word impression: Meow.


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