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Searider Falcon: An Adama/Roslin Shipper Rant

Posted by melancholygeek on June 2, 2008

BSG(MILD SPOILERS UNLESS MARKED OTHERWISE) I just stumbled upon a very nice podcast over at sqpn, The Secrets Of Battlestar Galactica with Zina and Jeff, two BSG geeks like myself (and probably you) that discuss the latest episodes and ask questions no one else dares to ask. It’s entertaining, thought-provoking and gives you insight in things you might never have thought about otherwise. Check it out!

Anyways, one point of discussion was the relevance and meaning of the book Searider Falcon, the book Adama read to Roslin, which she took with her to the base ship and was finally discovered by Adama in the latest episode on board Pike’s Raptor (and he as Husker took with him on Laura-watch). Mind the premise that Adama said it is his favorite book. And he never finished it because he didn’t want it to end.

Well, Jeff did his homework, thoroughly, and ran the words Searider Falcon through an anagram server, coming up with various interpretations, one being ‘read roslin face’. My first thought on this was, why ‘read’ and not ‘dear’? Something along the lines ‘dear roslin face’ or ‘roslin dear face’ seemed to make perfect sense to me. Now, on second thought, ‘read’ doesn’t seem too bad as well: ‘read, face roslin’.

Anyways, why am I putting so much thought in this, anagram or not? Well, I have my own ideas about the significance of Searider Falcon (which has been stressed before):

I personally don’t think the book holds any clue about the final cylon, Earth, Starbuck’s return or whatever floats about on various forums and whatnots. What I do think though is that RDM is just one hopeless romantic bastard like myself and the book is nothing more than a metaphor for Adama’s and Roslin’s relationship.

From Bill’s point of view: Over the years, he developed a very tender and delicate relationship with Laura. He is closer to her than to anyone else (apart from Tigh perhaps). They spend an awful lot of time together and it’s these times (mostly) when he is truly happy. More than that, it starts to hurt when she’s away on Colonial One or wherever. Eventually he discovers he loves this woman, that she, their relationship, matters most to him (personally, professionally he didn’t lose it until late I think). She has become a vital part of his life. She’s home to him. Family.

But does he approach her directly with his feelings? Does he tell her? No. The thing they have is so wonderful, so perfect to him, that any change (even supposedly to the better) in his view puts everything at risk. A risk he’s not willing to take.

And although everybody knows about Bill’s feelings for Laura (as has been made pretty clear in the latest episode, where it wasn’t even necessary to refer to her by name) and probably wonders why they never make it official, he doesn’t care, probably doesn’t even (want to) know. All he wants is to keep the status quo, a state that leaves him as close to heaven as he can possibly imagine.

Searider Falcon is his favorite book, he loves it, probably has read it a lot of times. It has become part of his life. Yet he never has read its ending. It would change the whole book for him. and more important, he doesn’t want it to end. It’s a classic, probably most of the people around him have read it, know about the ending, but he doesn’t care, doesn’t want to know about it.

Sine Qua Non changes everything here. Laura has been taken away from him, probably she’s dead. Probably he will never get the chance to finally tell her how he feels and suddenly he sees how important this would be for him. He dares to say it out loud for the first time: I can’t live without her. But she’s not there to hear the words. So he stays behind in a Raptor and what he takes with him is his copy of Searider Falcon. And he starts reading. I bet, this time he reads it all to the end. And should he ever encounter Laura again, also with her he will start the final chapter of their relationship. Read. Face Roslin. Searider Falcon.

I must warn you that I’m getting into the part I haven’t read yet.

Laura most probably feels the same way about Bill. In every way. But with one distinct difference: She is perfectly aware of her impending death. And she doesn’t want to leave without knowing about the final chapter. She asks Adama to read it to her. But he doesn’t read from the book. The lines he says to her aren’t from Searider Falcon, they are from his heart (Mark Verheiden says so himself):

The raft was not as seaworthy as I’d hoped.The waves repeatedly threatened to swamp it. I wasn’t afraid to die. I was afraid of the emptiness that I felt inside.

I couldn’t feel anything. And that’s what scared me. You came into my thoughts. You filled them. I felt good.

I rest my case. Well, apart from some MAJOR spoiler for the next episode below, highlight to read:

If we assume that Roslin on her way to the base ship and Adama on his watch both have read Searider Falcon to the end, this strengthens my point further: In the comments section of the Battlestar Blog, someone claiming to have had his hands on the script for the next episode The Hub claimed the following lines would appear in there (this is from memory, seeing that the part has been removed from the comments which lends it even more credibility):

Adama and Roslin embrace


Missed you.


You too.


Love you.


It’s about time.


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  1.’s done it again. Amazing writing.

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