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BSG Linkroll Pt. IV

Posted by melancholygeek on June 9, 2008

BSGSo, I found we had a little shortage in Battlestar Galactica related posts lately, so it’s time for a little linkroll again (not that much but some things I find rather noteworthy):

First and foremost, we might be in for a treat at the end of this final season: According to the infamous The Doctor and Mrs. Who show, the season (and series) finale might be extended to a three hour event! And Everybody’s Darling Jamie Bamber seems to confirm this, somehow. (via Galactica Sitrep).

VFX artist Mojo has some really nice updates on his blog, especially one about how to properly light a sewage recycling ship and Legostar Galactica. Check it out, it’s worth it!

And speaking of blogs, make sure you also read BSG composer Bear McCreary’s latest entry about The Hub!

And one last, rather unimportant tidbit, but in last week’s light I couldn’t resist posting it. The Olmos on the recent developments of his character on BSG (via


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