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Battlestar Galactica 4×09 ‘The Hub’ Impressions Pt. I

Posted by melancholygeek on June 10, 2008

BSG(SPOILER ALERT if you missed the latest episode, as usual) Alright, this might be a short one for I might have to leave later, but anyway, let’s get this started, it’s about time.

I had been voicing my hope for this being a great episode (and had certain hints to believe so) that might make us forget most of what happened in Sine Qua Non. What can I say? Even disregarding the wonderful, yet undisclosed circumstances under which I was able to watch The Hub (over and over again), I was blown away by the greatness of this episode. So, let’s JUMP! right in:

Two days ago. Saving production money by using previously aired footage, eh? Well, I don’t mind hearing Laura shutting up Baltar again. Jump goes the basestar.

Oooh, vision time again. No opera house though. Lovely hair Laura on the deserted Galactica. Well, not totally deserted: Enter Elosha! Oh my gods!

Back to the Basestar, jump completed. Laura very composed speaking everybody’s minds. Why did it jump? The Hybrid: Not helpful (unless you have an unnatural interest in filters). Neither is Random8. Why doesn’t Baltar talk to the hybrid? Helo and Hybrid finish each other’s sentences. How cute.

Jump vision. Galactica feeling bigger this way (it’s a frakking huge warship, godsdammit!). Elosha generally making not too much sense, but a lot of things are strange, eh? Pretty hair Roslin, meet dying Roslin. I don’t think I like where this is heading.

Opening credits.

Back on USS Jumpyship. The Six is back in the stream. Erm, I mean, filters.

Did I hear something?

Baltar assuming every chick in the world has a thing for him (can you really blame him?). Laura adorably ignoring him. And how about anyone just listen to the hybrid? Or did Leoben desensitize everyone when it comes to streams? Where is he by the way? Hybrid rewarding them for finally talking to her. She was just lonely, you heartless bastards! And all of a sudden it’s even a she. See, that wasn’t so hard. Random8 still calling her a bitch, Baltar trying to soothe her:

Shh, calm down, pretty please?

And seriously, where is Leoben? Do they have to lock his model up in the basement to get some private time with the Hybrid? Baltar’s doing good opening himself up on a spiritual level. Hybrid jumping anyway. Don’t worry Gaius, I used to have that effect on women myself.

Jump vision. Sickbay, Adama, Cottle, dying Roslin. And Lee and Kara, appearing out of thin air (not that I couldn’t do without them here). Elosha calling dying Roslin a heartless b*tch. Pretty hair Roslin:


USS Jumpyship. Random8 having it all figured out *pats*.

Helo and Random8 making battle plans. Feels creepy to me. He does realize that’s not Athena, right? And isn’t she a bright one? Helo going in cold. And, seriously, You and me got to get onto the Hub? Random8 is in charge now? May God be with us. Seriously, someone find the key to the basement, we’re gonna need them Leobens soon. At least she does know how to loosen up a stiff neck. OK, Random8 is now known as QuasiAthena. I don’t want it to be strange. Good job QuasiAthena, good job.

Pike’s Raptor, Roslin cradling Searider Falcon in her sleep. Just saying. And being double-crossing badass Roslin. And I just love when she’s like that, so it’s picspam time:

Bring her to me.

And Helo? Please don’t let this be another Matter of Salvation

Alright, taking a break for now, back later for part two of these Impressions.


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