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Battlestar Galactica 4×09 ‘The Hub’ Impressions Pt. II

Posted by melancholygeek on June 10, 2008

BSG(SPOILER ALERT for the latecomers among you) Alright, let’s continue:

Resurrection Hub. Gooey D’Anna drawing her first breath, surrounded by Cavil (lying) and Boomer (being Boomer. Seriously, didn’t we have enough 8 to bear already)? Cavil bringing D’Anna up to date, her being more interested in What the Frak is Boomer doing here? Thanks D’Anna. Pet Eight. I like that.

Until she sees something shiny

Heh. And by the way, gooey, unkempt D’Anna is really pretty. I never noticed before.

USS Jumpyship, pilot briefing. Addressing cylon pilots by numbers? Now that’s a bold idea, did you come up with that all by yourself? Hot Dog and Seelix bitching, Random6 bitching back. Cat fight? No, Redwing to the rescue. Who the frak are you now? My guess is, he won’t make it to earth. Just saying. And Pike? Kissing their gasholes? Please die. Oh, oops, I forgot. You will. Heh. And hey, some good look on the cylon pilot gear:

And again, no Leobens. On the other hand, having in mind how the last Heavy Raider he piloted looked, yeah, keep em in the basement for a little longer. Speaking of looks, aren’t the facial expressions of the Sixes adorable (and all different, something you can’t really say for the Eights).

QuasiAthena giving the pep talk. You’ve flown with Athena […] Well I’m the same as her. Helo:


Roslin, Baltar, Hybrid. Seems pointless. OK, this is the single most awesome scene so far. And I’d have to do a full transcript to even remotely describe the awesomeness. MMD and JC are out of this world marvelous and I’m still laughing when watching it. And, seeing my lack of words, mini-picspam time again:

Close the doors, open the doors… I’m going for a walk.

And thanks to Baltar I know what to do next time someone tells me to focus more on them. Seriously, how does he get all the ladies? And the Three is online (yes Laura, we got it). Good moment for another

Jump vision. Don’t really feel comfortable with them I have to admit. Same thing for Laura it seems. Elosha babble. And probably the best reaction to it: If you are my subconcience, I’ve got to to say you’re a little full of myself. Giddy Laura. I love it. Even the body language. And, oh, OH! Looky, Searider Falcon:

and I dug into the stump(?) and pulled rocks from the ground
until my fingers bled. I collected seeds from the few fruits the island offered
and planted them in long straight furrows like the ranks of soldiers.
When I finished I looked at what I’d done. I did not see a garden.
I saw a scar. This Island had saved my life and I had done it no service

Back on the USS Jumpyship, and, hey, it’s Sparkly:

And no, I don’t allow any discussion about that. It’s Sparkly, I can feel it. And Baltar on his walk, going all Jehovah’s Witness:

Mind if I talk to you about God?

Alright, hate to say it, but I’ve got to take another break. And I got a really busy day coming up, so I can’t promise part three will be up anytime soon, but I’ll try to make it tomorrow.


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