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Battlestar Galactica 4×09 ‘The Hub’ Impressions Pt. III

Posted by melancholygeek on June 11, 2008


EDIT: I’m sorry should the images in these Impressions (all parts) look a little scrambled for you, I tried to save some vertical space. It looks alright here but obviously it’s a resolution thing. I’ll try and see into that ASAP, unfortunately that won’t be today. Frak vertical space, it did look ugly as hell on lower resolutions. Fixed for now, I hope I find a different way in time.

(By the way: 100th post! \o/ Yay me! \o/ Alright, splitting the Impressions might seem like cheating but what the heck)

(SPOILER ALERT, well, hardly anymore) We left not quite half way into the show with Gaius having a priceless little chat with Sparkly about God. Let’s proceed:

Still on USS Jumpyship, another Matter of Salvation moment between Roslin and Trap-Jaw. And yes, with age, constant kneeling takes its toll, I’m right with you there Laura. And I did mention how I love her being badass?


Trap-Jaw walking the whiny bitch road: The Athenas Sharons are different! Pretty please, let them have the way to earth? And Roslin? Classic:

You are not married to the entire production line.

Gods, I want to hug her for that alone. What. Is. That.

Resurrection Hub, Something’s going on (Who’s a good Boomer? Yes, you are a good Boomer! *pats*). D’Anna still bathing, Cavil still ogling. D’Anna threatening to shout out the names of the Final Five… but doesn’t, aw shucks. That would’ve been too easy I guess.

Heavy Raider/Viper carpool, Diana ‘Are we there yet’ Seelix bitching. Oh, and she is Hardball! Seems we’re finally approaching the point where we start killing off major characters? And the VFX? I don’t know if it’s Mojo’s work, but it’s generally awesome, so, picspam time:

Back on the Hub. Boomer stating the obvious, but hey, it’s something she’s good at, so OK. Cavil all of a sudden regarding mass murder as a bad thing. The Ties That Bind anyone? Good bye Cavil, we kinda knew you. And the Hub is still intact at that moment, so… Perhaps more see you later, posting notes: Have you seen this cat Boomer? D’Anna:

What a wuzz.

Carpool, the FTL is down. Wait a frakking second, that’s where the FTL’s located?

Cylon engineers seem to follow the same logic as the guys over at the Galactic Empire. “Sir, you think it’s wise to make the most vital part of the ship also the most prominent, protruding structure?” – “But it’s so pretty! No one would dare to shoot at it!” – “Whatever, Sir.”

Trap-Jaw and QuasiAthena going in.

Sparkly and Baltar again \o/


Spacebattle goodness.

Deserted Hub (no Jump vision I hope), QuasiAthena and Trap-Jaw very special forces (what exactly happened to all the Colonial Marines on board the basestar?). D’Anna finally finding the time to do her hair. And do they have a whole storage-level for bathrobes on that Hub? Go.

And I wonder what this part of the Hub might be? Hybrid chamber?

Pike got hit! And is whining. Timmy punched me while playing. I’m going home and tell mommy! Hardball, erm, hardballing. And once again: Good bye Pike we hardly knew you (but couldn’t stand you nevertheless). Jump goes the Raptor.

Hub. Trap-Jaw seeing what he’s not married to.

Loads and loads of explosions. Yup, my testosterone levels are nominal.

Sparkly \o/ Baltar \o/ And, quite frankly, even Sparkly is a better actor than Jamie Bamber:

Pathetic, isn’t it?

More explosions and pretty missile tracks. Oops, wrong basestar! No! NOOOooo…! Sparkly! Say it isn’t so! Good bye Sparkly, you will be sorely missed. And Gaius, come on, it’s just a flesh wound.

Ah, there’s a marine, they are acting nurses now? No, Laura takes care. And again, she’s close to unbearable marvelous. Sorry. Hey, this scene might not have been intended to be funny… but it’s hilarious! You have this big hole in your hide as Cottle would say. Well, frankly that guy is leaking organs (no, no picspam here)! I think you’re gonna live, as usual. Oh Laura, I’m all out of words to express my adoration. You’re very pretty. I don’t think that’s the morpha speaking, actually. OK, sorry, got dragged away a little there. But I’m with you again. Sorry. (But she is pretty, isn’t she?) Alright, God ramblings again. I was harboring the most awful, desperate guilt?

Wait a second… what?

Oh, Gaius, that wasn’t clever, not at all.

And the flood thing? Not helping. It’s marvelous watching Laura slipping away. And, um, Laura, that’s not exactly praying. Shh, it’s alright, you’re fine *shove* This is so not intended to be funny *snort*.

Space battle, commence nuclear strike. VFX goodness again:

Pop goes the Hub (and the basestars). Great facial work, D’Anna:

Now there’s no difference.

Baltar, Roslin. Yup, now that’s praying.

Jump vision. Elosha finally plain-talking. Love… heh. And the following can only be desribed in picspam, sorry:

You go. You go. You go and rest. I… I’m not gonna be selfish anymore. You go. Rest.

That, no that’s nothing, I, I just got something in my eye. Really. And allergies. Thanks for holding me anyway. No, don’t let go, please. Um, where were we?

USS Jumpyship, Laura doing a 180, stopping the bleeding.

Trap-Jaw filling QuasiAthena in on the plan. No Matter of Salvation, thank the Gods. D’Anna is amused. Roslin is saving Baltar. Helo is suffering. And QuasiAthena learned a new facial expression:

Can we go find the president now. I have to admit, I never really liked D’Anna, but this one here is just great.

D’Anna, prop-Baltar. Helo not letting anyone in. Roslin again badass. Darn she’s good. He’s injured but I think he’s going to survive.

Tell me something I don’t know.

The ladies being awesome (I use that a lot recently, no?). D’Anna’s got the snorty laugh down. And she is probably the only person in the world to call Roslin a sweety and gets away with it. Laura:

Well played, Mr. Bond. Well played indeed.

Roslin listening to One True Hybrid Radio. Jump vision Elosha becomes Head!Elosha (please no). Laura:

Galactica. My home. Maybe there is something there for me.

Yeah, it’s the allergies again. But it’s totally ok if you want to hold my hand a little longer.

And to spare you my unarticulated squealing, final scenes in a vid-repost and a little picspam:

Missed you.

Me too.

I love you.

About time.

OK, I don’t know if you noticed, but I kinda liked this episode. Just a little. And now, having re-watched it for the zillionst time, I’m again rendered kind of speechless. And although I might be a little biased by circumstance, this was the most intense, most brilliantly staged, most beautifully shot episode in a long, long time. And even though a little discomfort with the Eights might have shown, I still loved close to every bit of it. They might have used Billy instead of Elosha in the visions though. And leave out Kara/Lee altogether, but who’s nitpicking?

So, final verdict:

6/5 (sorry, I can’t help it)

One Word Impression: SQUEEEEEE!


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