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Hub the Frak and other Battlestar Galactica News (incl. Revelations spoiler)

Posted by melancholygeek on June 13, 2008

BSGSomewhat earlier than last week, here’s the answer to the question What The Frak Happened On Battlestar Galactica, The Hub edition:

Concerning Revelations: I’m spoiled out of my mind for this episode (And I knew it! I FRAKKING KNEW IT!) but won’t spill anything here, seeing that SciFi is streaming the episode every hour all day long. If streaming doesn’t work for you and you really, really want to get spoiled, take a look here in LJ’s battlestar blog (be warned, it’s intense, although all has been revealed in the trailers somehow anyway).

In addition to that, Galactica Sitrep provides us with more information about the upcoming TV movies (\o/) and the upcoming mid-season hiatus (/o\).


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