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Marvel Movie Updates

Posted by melancholygeek on June 13, 2008

Some small tidbits concerning the upcoming Marvel movie releases:

It is still a bit fuzzy whether or not Mr. RedWhiteAndBlue will make a cameo in the The Incredible Hulk movie (opening today), but I guess that’s gonna be yesterday’s news tomorrow anyway. And perhaps by tomorrow many of you can join in the chorus of great reviews! Seriously, go and see the movie, for I can’t at the moment. Which sucks.

In other news, new set pictures from the upcoming spin off X-Men Origins: Wolverine have appeared on the net, showing Hugh Jackman in WWII soldier gear. Yes, this does make sense seeing that his healing powers also affect his aging and he in fact is quite damn old. Of course in the course of these pictures hopes arise all over that at least this movie gets a Cap cameo, but seeing who holds which rights, I highly doubt it.

(via Major Spoilers, io9, Topless Robot)


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