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In which I’m honored by your presence

Posted by melancholygeek on June 16, 2008

Slow day on the internets so far and not really feeling like Battlestar Galactica news-hunting at the moment (Revelations really left me a bit meh, if you know what I mean).

Not feeling much like doing actual work either, I decided to have a look at my traffic reports (wordpress has very nice statistics features)… and o_O WTF?!

Obviously the traffic to this humble blog increased more than tenfold over the past two days and still counting. OK, that made me a little curious as you might be able to imagine. Who ARE you people?! Lucky me, there’s this lovely little thing called referrers-statistic, and here’s the top 5 (not necessarily in the correct order):

1. The Google

2. wordpress tags

3. blogcatalog tags

OK, while in general this isn’t very surprising, the sheer numbers left me somewhat puzzled, especially for The Google. At least until I found that up to yesterday at least, this blog was the number one hit for the search query “battlestar galactica season 4.5”! I’m humbled I have to admit. But still a little proud. In addition to that, yours truly has been the featured Battlestar Galactica blog on wordpress last week.

So to you Googlers and tag surfers: Welcome, enjoy your stay, have a look around. Mi casa es su casa. Comments never hurt, neither do e-mails (just click the fish). And remember, you’re more than welcome to return here anytime.

OK, while I’m pleasantly touched by these still more unmotivated and say random hits to this blog, the next two caught me completely off guard. And this is the part in which I truly feel honored:

4. The Lee/Kara shipper community on LiveJournal

Sadly, I don’t have the slightest of ideas on what might have earned me those clicks, seeing that I don’t have an LJ account and thusly am locked out of this, as I guess, friendly, liberal and open minded community. I can only assume some remarks from my Impressions have fueled the curiosity of those merry fellows and words of praise and glee have been written. Sadly, again, no shipper could be reached for comment.

So to you Lee/Kara shippers: A warm and fuzzy welcome to all of you. Constructive criticism via comments or e-mail is always welcome and I would love to discuss any matter, BSG-related or not, with you on a friendly, liberal and open minded basis. Seriously: No hard feelings, eh? Oh, and stop reading this post right here. Guess you won’t like what’s coming next 😉

5. The Callum Keith Rennie “Leoben” Appreciation Thread on the SciFi forums

Um, yay? \o/ Need I say more? Alright, if ever, I would have expected to be linked from a SciFi forum post in the Adama/Roslin Frakkers Thread (hint, hint). But the Leoben fanboys/girls? I’m honored and truly touched by the kind words written there. Seriously.

So to you CKR/Leoben appreciators: Great to have you here! And yes, I am one of you (and do enjoy browsing through your thread), both in Leoben- as in general CKR-fandom. Comment, e-mail, call me in the middle of the night! It makes me really happy you enjoyed my ramblings so far and hope you check back occasionally. I don’t know when yet, but there’s another shipper week in store and I think you know the couple I’m aiming for. And a special hello goes out to Mirylla3, scriggle, katee and Mythoxia, you are too kind.


4 Responses to “In which I’m honored by your presence”

  1. scriggle said

    I went back and read all your Impression for all the S4 eps. Loved them all.

  2. melancholygeek said

    Thank you so much, I really, really appreciate this! And thanks to you and the girls(? I guess.) on Skiffy for the appreciation. And yes, a Kara/Leo shipper week might come up at one point, but I have to be in the right mood. And the S4 Impressions might as well not be the last you’ve seen here for the next 6 months 🙂

  3. scriggle said

    I’m hoping that means you’ll be doing Impressions of the previous seasons to keep yourself (and us) entertained during the haitus.

  4. melancholygeek said

    I’m not really sure how it will turn out but, yeah, something along these lines 🙂 Three seasons in 6 months is quite a bit of work, but one also has to plan ahead for the time after BSG, right?

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