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More fun with statistics

Posted by melancholygeek on June 17, 2008

First and foremost, obviously another LiveJournal blog linked to here and got me a bunch of new visitors. Seems I should really consider to get an account over there. Anyways, thanks for the linkage *hugs* and a big, warm and fuzzy welcome to all you newcomers, who ever you might be. Comments, e-mails and huge amounts of anonymously donated money are more than welcome!

So, I actually got some work done today *pats self* so I feel only half as bad as usual senselessly browsing through the wordpress statistics. While yesterday I was wondering (and was pleasantly surprised) where you people all come from in the first place (aka referrers), today I was more curious as of what for (aka search terms). This of course mainly addresses you Googlers. So let’s have a look at the all time top three search engine queries that led you folks to my humble blog:

1. battlestar galactica season 4.5

Alright, I mentioned earlier, by some freak accident over the weekend this blog ended up being the first result on The Google for said query. So I can see that. There’s been at least some content here that might have satisfied the needs of these visitors. And although this was never meant to be ‘another Battlestar Galactica blog’, let’s face the facts, this is basically where this is headed. And I guess things could be worse, eh?

2. battlestar galactica

Um, yeah. See above.

3. jamie bamber

Now that query might have led to some long faces. No, seriously, everyone is welcome and I guess the Bamberettes will have found a way to amuse themselves here, no? Makes me wonder even more about that lack of hate-mail though. But rest assured, I’ll be the first to acknowledge JB’s acting talent as soon as it, well, shows.

Honorable mentions:

As one could expect, the top 50 search queries are dominated by various combinations of battlestar, galactica, bsg, spoilers, trailer etc. And again, although this was never meant to be an BSG exclusive blog, it’s of course the main topic people are looking for. And I hope they’re not disappointed. But let’s have a look at the best of the rest (BSG related):

searider falcon

Hey! That’s actually nice and I really hope those people were happy with what they found. Yay A/R shippers!

battlestar galactica season 4.5 lee/kara

Um, speaking of shippers. I guess that’s how this blog ended up in a certain LJ-community? And, season 4.5? Did I mention dead horse? So sorry for your loss.

hoshi battlestar gaeta (and variations thereof)

Sorry, no amputee-slashfic here. Move along.

battlestart galactic season 4.5 [sic!]

Typos happen, but they actually reached this site. I need to run the spell checker more often.

“helo is” “the hub”

Actually, no. No, he’s not.

singlemode 1310 galactica

Hugs and kisses to all fellow uber-nerds here.

Not BSG-related queries mainly deal with things Marvel. But there’s one that made me smile:


I’m a search query! \o/ I feel important now.


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