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Marvel Movie Snippets

Posted by melancholygeek on June 20, 2008

2011 is still quite some time away so basically all rumors about the upcoming The Avengers movie are to be taken with a ton of salt. This is not only true concerning the lineup of our beloved superhero team (will Ant-Man show up in the first movie or will he be set up in a standalone movie to later join the Avengers in the eventual sequel? What about Wasp?) but (right now) even more when it comes to the villain(s).

While on the one side rumors amass that the Hulk might not yet be on our heroes side but quite the opposite (which is lent some credibility by the Tony Stark cameo in the movie which I still haven’t seen yet), other people claim (and this seems to have appeared out of thin air) the Avengers might clash with the Masters Of Evil and Loki. And while I’d be OK with the Masters I don’t like the idea of bringing Loki in on this at all. On the other hand, I’m skeptic when it comes to Thor anyway, so of course the idea of his brother showing up in the Avengers movie freaks me out a bit. Still, there’s three years and at least to movies to prepare the grounds for this, so we’ll just see I guess.

Speaking of the movie I still haven’t seen yet, Gavok on 4th letter! presents us with a nice roundup of missing scenes from The Incredible Hulk, based on his reading of the novelization (he’s done that before for Iron Man and Spider Man 3).

(via io9)


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