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Star Wars Vidspam

Posted by melancholygeek on June 21, 2008

Just because I feel like it and my weekend-surprise I had planned for today will be delayed until tomorrow:

As one or the other reference might have hinted at, I’m pretty much a sucker for all things Star Wars. And as a matter of fact, I just stumbled upon these two vids and with me being the giving person I am, I have to share them with you:

First, the Imperial March, played on a floppy disk (via Scott):

And second, Eddie Izzard doing a marvelous little Lego Star Wars animation, The Death Star Canteen (via gizmodo):


One Response to “Star Wars Vidspam”

  1. skywalkerismydaddy said

    Hey I just wrote a short story about the EU part of Star Wars, really the first story I’ve tried writing, could you tell me what you think?

    It’s on thanks!

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