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Battlestar Galactica 1×00 ‘Miniseries’ Impressions Pt. II

Posted by melancholygeek on June 22, 2008

BSGSo, Starbuck is a chick, Baltar’s getting it on with a creepy blond that snaps babynecks, Tigh’s a boozer and Apollo an a*hole. Let’s see what else is in stock:

A night at the museum, time to dust off some 25 years old props.

Fancy spaceship, um, landing.

So, MMD is Secretary Roslin. Babyface is Mr. Keikeya, bad suit guy Aaron Doral, from Public Relations. Keikeya getting lost ogling. And that shirt? Would go really well with Doral’s suit. And welcome to not only the unisex washroom but also to his previous object of desire. In or out? She’s kinda cute.

Adama, Roslin, Doral discussing computer networks that tell people where the restrooms are. Her idea of course. Is the big, scary Commander afraid of computers? Nah, just networks. Can’t anyone for once think of the teachers? Many good men and women lost their lives aboard this ship… Phew, he’s serious. And she totally has a thing for him. And I think, so has Doral:

Brig. Asshollo visiting Starbuck. Guess what, they have a history! Striking a superior asshole. Clever you. Funeral, eh? Keeping up the dark tone. And guess who has daddy issues. OK, Zak. Hm.

Caprica, creepy blond and Baltar. Busted, dude. OK, that’s not what I meant earlier when I said I had to meet someone too. And man is he good:

It’s a, uh– It’s a flaw in my character that I have. Seriously, James Callis is awesome. And is Snappyneck pregnant or what?

Photo shoot, starring the Adamas, Doral directing. Yeah, there might be some unresolved issues. Wow, that was intense. And that Bamber guy? He’s a good a*hole brat.

Caprica, Snappyneck’s not pregnant. She’s a machine. Synthetic woman. Robot. Cylon. OK. That does explain a bit. And she has a plan mission! You have an amazing capacity for self-deception. How do you do that? Yeah, Gaius, again: busted. Humanity’s children are returning home… today. That doesn’t sound… Holy cow!

Galactica, ceremonial flyby. Nice touch with the old score there. The cylon war is long over… Wouldn’t you know. OK, Adama ad-libing some brutal truths. Inevitable shots of Apollo and Starbuck. And yup, Roslin’s got a crush on the old man:

Fancy spaceship (Colonial Heavy 798) leaving for Caprica. Guess who’s going to be in for a surprise. And of course Asshollo’s the escort. And… wait a minute. Raptor, female voice, this is Boomer? The asian chick?! On board Colonial Heavy 798: Secretary Roslin and Mr. Keikeya.

Caprica, Baltar watching the news. Sh*t hitting the fan, big time. And Snappyneck can’t die. Obviously. There are 12 models. I’m Number Six. Ooh… suspense! And of course, what do you do when the nukes hit? Go down on your cylon girlfriend. That’s not duck and cover Gaius!

Caprica, being nuked.

Adama’s quarters, Gaeta calling. Priority One alert from Fleet Headquarters. Cylon attack underway. – I’ll be right there.

I know, the Miniseries should be taken as a whole, but this very shot actually marks the end of the first part (aka one episode’s length). So I’ll take the opportunity and wrap this part up and probably continue some time this week, latest next weekend:

I was trying to watch this the way I watched it the very first time, and although that’s already five years ago, the Miniseries so far did a good job in making me forget that there’s three and a half more seasons to this. And this speaks for itself.

Character introduction up to this point went really well. The hint at the depth of the characters amazes me, achieved by introducing them by their flaws and weaknesses (Egomaniac, boozer, cancer-patient, broken home,…).And it fits perfectly in the overall dark and heavy tone.

And yes, back then I thought Jamie Bamber was a passable actor! As an a*hole. But then again, back then I even liked Cally.

So, final verdict:


One word impression: Dark.


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