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Gone For The Weekend…

Posted by melancholygeek on July 31, 2008

…so don’t expect any updates or further Impressions anytime soon. But I guess you’re used to that now, no? Blogging should be back to normal (whatever that means) by Tuesday, Wednesday the latest! And even though the chance of me getting airlocked this weekend should be rather small (or so I hope?), this is good to know:

How long could you survive in the vacuum of space?


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Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 Drive-By Spoiler

Posted by melancholygeek on July 29, 2008

BSGIn io9’s Morning Spoilers, there’s, among others, this little tidbit mentioned:

The BSG crew and their new Cylon allies strand Three (Lucy Lawless) on the wrecked Earth when they haul ass away from there. (Fascinating)

(Thanks to katee over at Skiffy for the reminder)

There’s also been talk about the question whether our beloved (?) Asshollo will die at the end of the series after an interview with Kristin. Well, nothing is really confirmed, but the person(s) behind Cyn City~ not only has the video but also some thoughts to it. And I have to quote at least some lines here (but make sure to go over there and read the whole thing, it’s good!):

I doubt that Jamie Bamber would agree with this but I think the pinnacle of his television career has been reached. I mean, he’s very enthused about yet another spin-off of CSI???

I sincerely do wish him well but I think he hasn’t yet gotten the perspective that Battlestar Galactica was the best television he’ll ever do–even though Lee “Apollo” Adama wasn’t the best rendered character on the series.

I rest my case. Nah, I’ll keep on ranting I guess 😉

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More Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 SDCC Teaser Spoiler

Posted by melancholygeek on July 29, 2008

BSGTaraGel over at the Television Without Pity Forums posted what she remembered from the Season 4.5 Teaser they showed on Comic Con, and here’s what’s in addition to what’s been posted here earlier (check out the original post for more details):

  • Tyrol stroking some stone/debris and saying “We never should have come here.” (Uh-huh?)
  • Starbuck digging her dogtags out of the dirt (there’s been quite some speculation about that already, yeah)
  • Gaeta and Zarek arguing (this should be interesting)
  • After Laura’s direct question, Bill answers: “If I am a Cylon, then you’re all screwed.” (True)
  • D’Anna chats with the Hybrid (Wouldn’t you know)
  • Several cylons in the brig thinking they’re going to be executed (interesting)
  • Kara and Leoben arguing in the woods (already known I guess, but at least here’s your Leoben fix 🙂 )

Thanks to Mirylla3 over at Skiffy for the heads up!

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine SDCC Trailer

Posted by melancholygeek on July 29, 2008

Of course I can’t let this one pass: The new X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer shown at San Diego Comic Con. Plenty of new footage with appearances of no less than nine characters from the comics. So check this out (thanks to detthy77 for recut and upload):

And for an in-depth analysis of the trailer make sure to check out Lauren’s post over at io9!

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Battlestar Galactica 1×00 ‘Miniseries’ Impressions Pt. V

Posted by melancholygeek on July 28, 2008

BSGAfter a break a bit longer than planned, it’s finally here… the final part of my Miniseries Impressions! And there was much rejoicing.

Where did we leave off? Helo is stuck on Caprica, Roslin is president, Adama has taken command of the fleet and got supposedly blown to bits along with a really, really badly dressed Callum Keith Rennie. Well, let’s see about that:

Chief organizing the rescue… but wait!

Callum laughing his a$$ off, Adama not so much. Guess who knows another way out? Callum saves the day! Or does he? Tigh in command and creepy Callum leading the way… Can this be good? Oh, and look, he did laugh his a$$ off:

Rag-tag fleet, Botanical Cruiser. Pretty:

Mr. Keikeyan and President Roslin (I so like that) tending to the needs of the Captain. Little girl, tooth-hurting sweet. Enough kids already, no?

Colonial One. We got Tylium! Makes the president happy:

…and pretty.

60 ships now, 40 FTL capable, Asshollo stating the obvious. Boomer bringing the Tylium friend… and a Cylon friend it seems! Strategy meeting with circle-shot that makes me dizzy. Could be Bad Suit Guy as well though. What is he doing there? OK, let’s make this a numbers game. And I won’t say anything about the kids on the show anymore… wow. And the cancer-thing… They are really eager to make this dark sci-fi, no? Boom goes one third of the fleet.

Ragnar Station. Callum having allergy-issues. And a degree in military psychology. I’m an observer of human nature. Uh-huh. Humanity is not a pretty race. Such words from Callum Keith Rennie? I beg to differ!

Yeah, ok, not that pretty.

OK, are the God ramblings necessary?

Galactica, CIC. Tigh being bad-ass in command, Dee confirming friendly IDs. And guess who wants to come over for a visit?

Grant the request.

Tigh and Roslin are awesome. They even make Asshollo bearable. Great scene.

Billy knowing his way around Galactica by now. Tyrol, meet Boomer – Yay! Billy, meet Dee – Yay! Starbuck, meet Asshollo – Yay!

Commander Adama, meet Callum. Not so yay. Zombie-Callum not having allergies:

This is Blade Trinity all over again…

Guess who’s a cylon now? That does mean there’s more of him, right? \o/ Sooner or later the day comes when you can’t hide from the things you’ve done. Now that’s a bitch-slap. And here goes some serious man on man action… Seriously, The Olmos and Callum getting it on like two dirty backstreet rowdies is awesome. Good-bye Callum, we hardly knew you (but will see you again, no?).

Galactica, CIC. Baltar and Gaeta would make a cute couple, no? Like it even better than him and, ah, call her Head!Six. Speak of the devil. Ooh. An upside down radio alarm clock! Seriously, I remember having one of those when I was a kid. You said it would be your electronic organizer. – That would be a lie. And quite frankly a design disaster!

Gaeta again! \o/ Speaking of sex. OK, that was Head!Six I have to admit. And guess who walks in. How is it a PR-guy with bad taste in clothes is allowed everywhere now? I don’t remember seeing him on any of the cylon parties. Heh. That would be too easy I guess, being able to identify cylons by their lack of taste when it comes to clothes, no? The male models that is.

Hallway, Adama giving Tigh the heads up. The cylons look like us now. OK, you tell me yours, I tell you mine: Lee is alive. And you have a magic wound on your forehead that keeps disappearing. Just sayin’.

Asshollo paying dad a visit. Kinda. Guess that’s as close as it gets to a bonding moment.

Adama, Tigh and Baltar, strategy meeting. And Callum gets a name, Leoben. Rumor has it, you’re a genius. I love Tigh. In a manly way.

Starbuck going on a strictly recon mission. And confessing her sins. So she’s a woman after all, good to know.

So much for Bad Suit Guy:

CIC, odd looking device being removed. Nice move Gaius, nice move.

Starbuck, reaching the threshold. Whoopsie:

Adama, Roslin (and some Billy), pure awesomeness (she so has a thing for him!):

We need to start having babies.

CIC, Starbuck reporting. Sh!t is hitting the fan. Gaeta, Tigh, Adama, Asshollo strategy meeting.The latter once again stating the obvious. He is good at that, I have to admit. Dee and Billy! \o/ They better start having babies. Oh, Adama, you old dog, you got a soft spot! And perhaps even a little thing for the president, hm? Tigh:

Is that an order?

So, civies are coming along, the war is over, we lost.

So can I ask what changed your mind?

You can ask. Heh.

Bye-bye Bad Suit Guy, have a pleasant stay.

Stand by to execute battle plan:

(I really would have liked to do some picspam here, but it would have taken about 50 screencaps. The SFX are awesome.)

Starbuck being one crazy bitch, bringing the cat in.

Funeral ceremony. So say we all! Earth,eh? I’m not so sure I like that. Well, the others do.

Starbuck, Tigh, making peace. Nah, not really. You’re a bastard. You’re dangerous. You’re weak. You’re a drunk. And you, milady, are a bitch.

Adama, finally getting to eat some noodles. Roslin, checking out his quarters:

This room could use a little color.

There is no earth. But there is totally something going on between the two:

Baltar, Head!Six, foreshadowing.

Light music, Tigh giving up drinking, Boxey strolling around, Starbuck prancing around in underwear.

Asshollo and Adama sharing another not really bonding moment.

Boxey eating a cookie (so cute /o\), Dee passing the womanator Billy, Nice to be small, Tigh taking up drinking, Starbuck packing peanuts. And:

Ragnar Station, Bad Suit Guy, not looking too good. This can’t be good! Enter a bunch of bad suits, Sixes and Leobens (\o/). Well, and someone else (/o\):

By your command. Heh.

OK, I know this took way longer than most of you would have liked and also longer than I had imagined, but there you go. Conclusion?

If this series keeps up the way it started, this will be the dirties, grittiest and probably best Science Fiction series ever. I love all the characters (although with some I just love to hate them), love the premise and can forgive the fact that Boomer is an Asian Cylon chick. Especially since they made Callum Keith Rennie a Cylon! The Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Michael Hogan, James Callis… the cast is mostly marvelous. Special effects are breathtaking. Music is great. I doubt it will appeal to Star Trek fans, but I’m a fan. So, final verdict:


One word impression:  Gritty

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Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 SDCC Teaser Spoiler

Posted by melancholygeek on July 28, 2008

BSGI still wasn’t able to lay my eyes upon said Teaser Trailer that has been shown at San Diego Comic Con before the BSG Panel, but Jon over at /film was there and was kind enough to write up some things he’s seen in there. Check out his full post, seeing that I only repeat here what I personally found noteworthy and didn’t know before (highlight to read):

  • Starbuck utters the words ‘Isn’t there a way out of here?
  • Laura asks Bill whether he’s a cylon.
  • Bill is standing in an airlock, white cloth over his eyes.
  • Apollo and Starbuck make out. /o\
  • Bill and Laura make out. \o/
  • Apollo, in a holding cell, yells: ‘Just kill me! \o/\o/
  • The last episodes won’t all take place on earth.
  • The Trailer (series?) ends with an epic, Apocalypse Now-esque shooting battle, both on earth and on Galactica.

Sadly, no Leoben news, but at least some tidbits that might keep us occupied until the next pieces are revealed. And if you like, go and check out the full panel video-coverage (sans Teaser as far as I can tell) over at SciFi. Kevin Smith is moderating so I guess it’s fun in any case (haven’t had the chance to really watch it with sound yet, just skipped through it to see if there’s any trailer footage).

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Posted by melancholygeek on July 27, 2008

Some of you might already know this, but I’m a huge TRON fan, no matter what other people, whose opinions I hold very highly in general might think about it ( 😉 ). It’s a classic and I think it’s been one of the most important and groundbreaking works in geek-movie history. And guess what they showed on San Diego ComicCon (thanks to yorgle for the retouching and uploading):

Yes, it’s a teaser to the upcoming sequel, TR2N! I’m not really sure whether I like this or not, but I have to admit, I’m somewhat psyched.

On other notes: Miniseries Impressions are finished but for the screencaps, but I gotta run, so expect them tomorrow.

And concerning teasers/trailers: Anyone out there got their hands on the second Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 trailer showed at Comic Con (MILD SPOILER ALERT)?

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BSG Linkroll Pt. VII

Posted by melancholygeek on July 22, 2008

BSGYeah, I admit it, the soon-ish-ness of the final Miniseries Impressions was totally a lie. And I’m sorry, but things are weird here lately. Doesn’t mean there’s no time for a quick linkroll:

So, it’s out! Battlestar Galactica’s Season 4.5 (frankly, has there ever been a series which had these .5 divisions?) will air January 2009! At least not later, I had been fearing something like March.

Concerning my earlier post about career moves of our (more or less) beloved BSG actors: Kristin Dos Santos (among others) reports Jamie-Baby did in fact score more than Pulse 2 (*cough* drek *cough*)! Apparently he’s cast for a recurring role in the latest in the Law & Order franchise, L&O:UK. I’m not honoring this with further comments, especially since Kristin forgot to mention Callum’s role in Californication (in her defense, she also didn’t mention Park in The Cleaner). And yeah, there’s also a video, for those of you who care.

SyFy Portal quotes Michael Rhymer, the upcoming BSG TV movie might focus on new characters, more than Razor did. Other sources claim it might retell previous story-lines from the viewpoint of the cylons. I’d like the latter better, I have to admit.

Maureen over at the Chicago Tribune writes up some facts from interviews with RDM and SciFi’s president Dave Howe concerning the series finale (two hours? three? four?), the DVD release, Caprica, and webisodes!

io9 has some minor spoiler about the wrapping of the series and a certain scene with Baltar/Six (Leobenites beware, there’s X-Files Spoilers too).

And make sure to check out Mojo’s post about the Emmy-nominations!

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Speaking Of Joss Whedon

Posted by melancholygeek on July 20, 2008

I now it’s a bit late for this post, but I just noticed the time constraints:

If you are at all into Joss Whedon’s work (Buffy, Angel, Firefly) and especially if you dug Buffy‘s Musical episode Once More, With Feeling (which you should catch if you haven’t seen it, I know lots of people who hated Buffy but still love this episode), you should definitely go and check out Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog!

A three act musical about wannabe Evil Overlord Dr. Horrible, his love-interest Penny and his arch-nemesis Captain Hammer (portrayed by Firefly‘s Nathan Fillon) available for free on the web! The catch: It’s only available until midnight, July 20th (aka today). Latest act has been put online yesterday so that’s why I just thought about posting it here.

If you’ve never been in touch with Whedon’s work before (or just didn’t like it, both of which is hardly imaginable), check it out nevertheless. It’s hilarious and the music is truly great.

On a different note: Final Miniseries Impressions should be up soon-ish.

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Emmys, Final Cylon and Career Moves

Posted by melancholygeek on July 17, 2008

BSGEmmy nominations are out and Battlestar Galactica scored five of them, sadly not Best Actress In Drama, which is a real shame. Check the categories it out here.

Final Cylon news: Obviously the last of the bunch will be revealed sooner than later. My take: Next episode.

And now that shooting our beloved is finally over, where are the TV-careers of some of our friends headed? Let’s take a peek, shall we:

Grace Park (The Cleaner)

Is it any good?

I have no idea. First episode aired this week, but I didn’t watch it. Mainly because I could care less about Miss Park plus the title of the series gives me goosebumps.

Wise career move?

For someone of Grace Park’s class as an actress, I guess everything that gives you a minute of time on the air is a wise career move. Even commercials.

Where would I have seen her?


Tricia Helfer (Burn Notice)

Is it any good?

You bet! Great first season, lovely characters, neat spy-story, really funny. Check it out if you can! I kinda fell in love with it from the pilot episode on.

Wise career move?

Hell yeah! Key role in a rather well established show, best thing to happen! I see a good future for this one.

Where would I have seen her?

Pretty much something along these lines. Chuck maybe. Definitely something lighter, non-SciFi.

Callum Keith Rennie (Californication)

Is it any good?

Actually, yes. I was rather unsure after watching the pilot episode, but then again, it always kinda makes me uncomfortable seeing four sets of boobies in a half-hour episode of something I didn’t download from an obscure website. But after going through the whole season, I have to admit, I was wrong seeing it as just another series trying to push the boundaries after Sex And The City and The L-Word. Duchovny does a great job and most of the other characters are really colorful and played really, really well.

Wise career move?

Hell yeah! Recurring role in a comedic drama beats freak of the week in any given show on earth by far. Guess someone got himself a new agent? I hope it’s somewhat back to the Due South days here and that can only be good. It’s about time he shows his spectrum again by starring in something lighter, funnier without being ridiculous.

Where would I have seen him?

Victim of the week on Dexter, probably serial rapist.

Katee Sackhoff (Nip/Tuck)

Is it any good?

Meh. I did watch a couple of episodes once but it really never hooked me. Then again, I never could warm up for Grey’s Anatomy either and I could imagine they aim for the same demographic.

Wise career move?

Let’s just say, she adds another canceled series to her resume, which is never a good thing. Sackhoff expressed her reluctance for doing SciFi again, which I can understand and seeing that you don’t want to be type-casted so soon in your career, Nip/Tuck might have seemed like a wise move. Too bad.

Where would I have seen her?

Third season of Jericho, being canceled after the first episode.

Tahmoh Penikett (Dollhouse)

Is it any good?

Seeing it won’t start anytime soon, it’s hard to tell. But seeing that it’s Joss Whedon… Of course it’s gonna be good!

Wise career move?

Definitely when you’re aiming for the geek demographic. Which isn’t a bad move in itself.

Where would I have seen him?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. As a Terminator of course.

Did I miss anyone? Oh, right!

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