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BSG Linkroll Pt. VI

Posted by melancholygeek on July 4, 2008

BSGSo… I’m back on line (obviously) and left my faithful readership hanging there for quite some time. And I’m really sorry for that. This week’s been quite… interesting, and there really wasn’t much time or energy for posts left. Hopefully I can make up for that over the weekend, starting today with a little news and spoiler roundup concerning our beloved Battlestar Galactica. Spoilers are to be highlighted to be read, so be warned you people who always highlight any text they read on the web! Yes, that means you 😉 Make sure to check out the links for further information!

First and foremost: The Emmy’s! Finally some acknowledgment for our beloved! Mary McDonnell (Roslin, duh!) made it to the top 10 short list for best actress in drama! Way to go Mary! (enough exclamation marks for one post I guess, but I’m kinda excited about this!1eleven)

Mojo has some nice details on the VFX of the latest episode Revelations, including the one major revelation: Where are our heroes in that very last shot?

And as if that wasn’t spoilery enough, here’s some more concerning Season 4.5: Pictures of one of the set of the series finale have hit the net not too long ago. Take a look and go ahead and discuss the implications. SPOILER( The pictures are set on Caprica as it seems and show, apart from fancy baby carriages only Mary McDonnell from the regular cast. My guess (and not only mine) is, it’s a dream sequence/vision/flashback )

More Season 4.5 goodness from io9’s Morning Spoilers! These should be the titles of the upcoming episodes (if you believe in rumors): SPOILER(“Sometimes A Great Notion,” “The Disquiet That Follows My Soul,” “The Oath,” “Blood On The Scales,” “No Exit,” and “Someone To Watch Over Me.”) Quite some of those had already be known and as usual, What’s in a name?

And finally, about those TV-movies. Soon-to-be Oscar winner Grace Park (just kidding?) spilled that the first movie had been green-lit and would start filming as early as August! Rumor credit Jane Espenson (The Hub, among others) as writer and no one less than The Olmos as director (or not?). Actors approached so far are said to be Dean Stockwell, Michael Trucco, Grace Park, Michael Hogan, Katee Sackhoff and Aaron Douglas. Other (and presumably more reliable than Grace) sources report filming should start in September and the movie will be set during the first season.

(via Battlestar Blog, Galactica Sitrep, SyFy Portal, The Chief’s Deck, tv junior, Total Rip-Off, 13th Colony and io9. Honor where honor’s due.)

That’s it for now, check back over the weekend for some Marvel movie news and hopefully a continuation (or even conclusion?) of my Miniseries Impressions.

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