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BSG Linkroll Pt. VII

Posted by melancholygeek on July 22, 2008

BSGYeah, I admit it, the soon-ish-ness of the final Miniseries Impressions was totally a lie. And I’m sorry, but things are weird here lately. Doesn’t mean there’s no time for a quick linkroll:

So, it’s out! Battlestar Galactica’s Season 4.5 (frankly, has there ever been a series which had these .5 divisions?) will air January 2009! At least not later, I had been fearing something like March.

Concerning my earlier post about career moves of our (more or less) beloved BSG actors: Kristin Dos Santos (among others) reports Jamie-Baby did in fact score more than Pulse 2 (*cough* drek *cough*)! Apparently he’s cast for a recurring role in the latest in the Law & Order franchise, L&O:UK. I’m not honoring this with further comments, especially since Kristin forgot to mention Callum’s role in Californication (in her defense, she also didn’t mention Park in The Cleaner). And yeah, there’s also a video, for those of you who care.

SyFy Portal quotes Michael Rhymer, the upcoming BSG TV movie might focus on new characters, more than Razor did. Other sources claim it might retell previous story-lines from the viewpoint of the cylons. I’d like the latter better, I have to admit.

Maureen over at the Chicago Tribune writes up some facts from interviews with RDM and SciFi’s president Dave Howe concerning the series finale (two hours? three? four?), the DVD release, Caprica, and webisodes!

io9 has some minor spoiler about the wrapping of the series and a certain scene with Baltar/Six (Leobenites beware, there’s X-Files Spoilers too).

And make sure to check out Mojo’s post about the Emmy-nominations!


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