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BSG Linkroll Pt. VIII (incl. Season 4.5 Spoiler)

Posted by melancholygeek on August 8, 2008

BSGI know it’s been an awful long time and most of this will be old news, mostly because I still haven’t found the time to sort through all the bits that fluttered in my mailbox, but you gotta start somewhere, eh?

January is still way too far away, but at least it seems that when it finally arrives, we get more than we thought in the beginning. I’m still not all too sure whether each episode itself will just be longer or they will cut the episodes in two, giving us something like 20 rather than 10, but whatever it will be, bigger is better!

Speaking of getting more, the first BSG TV-movie is officially confirmed! Written by Jane Espenson and directed by The Olmos himself, the movie will focus on the Cylon agents around the time following the initial attacks on the colonies. And Michael Trucco, Aaron Douglas and Dean Stockwell are confirmed so far. Is it too much to ask for Callum as well? Hm, probably.

Spoilers! Many of you will probably know about a 17 minute wrap-up video that briefly floated around the web (and got pulled rather quickly from most sites). You can catch parts of it here at io9 with some preliminary analysis. In addition to Cally’s appearance in the video, which is mentioned, you also get to see Kat, which sparked a lot of new Final Cylon speculations.

io9’s Morning Spoilers had some other tiny tidbits here and here, nothing too fancy though.

And of course, Comic Con teaser trailer and no end. Still nothing to be found on the webs concerning footage, but AVSS pointed out this transcript with some more lines of dialog I didn’t know before, especially between Zarek and Gaeta.

AND JUST IN: Today’s io9 Morning Spoilers have more on the plot of the TV movie (no Callum news but we finally might learn about the Cylon’s infamous ‘plan’), more Final Cylon speculations (courtesy of the Inaccurate Movie Data Base) and Zarek’s death!

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