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Now You See Me…

Posted by melancholygeek on August 10, 2008

…soon you won’t.

Have to leave town tomorrow for a business trip lasting til Friday. Time and internet access will most probably be an issue, so don’t expect anything new here over the next week.

That of course doesn’t mean you can’t get in touch if you’d like, be it via comment or mail (remember the fish!). And yes, that especially means my new readers from the battlestarforum (whose thread that led them here I – despite registration – can’t access) and of course my old fans from LJ’s Kara/Lee Shipper Community who as of late drop by here again.

And in general, if there’s any recommendations, news (preferably but not limited to BSG), footage from Galactica Four or anything else you think I might want to see/read, swamp me!

Anyways, see you all (?) next week, hopefully with lots of updates, spoilers, news and perhaps even Impressions.

Take care!


2 Responses to “Now You See Me…”

  1. scriggle said

    Have a good trip.

  2. melancholygeek said

    Thanks Scrig! I did 🙂 But it’s good to be home again…

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