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Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 Spoiler And No End

Posted by melancholygeek on September 26, 2008

BSGAlrighty, after some weeks of more or less draught on the spoiler-front, things get stirred up quite a little lately. So, once a gain a little drive-by spoiler round-up, just in case you missed it:

The dreadful Miss Park spilled in an interview at the Emmmys, that not all humans in the fleet will go all cuddly-wuddly with their new cylon allies. Now that’s a surprise.

Even more exciting: John Hodgman of ‘I’m a Mac – I’m a PC’-fame (the PC) will have a cameo in one of the next episodes, apparently playing some doctor.

OK, those were just teasers of course. The somewhat more real(?) deal is brought to us by the words of Aaron Douglas, who obviously enjoys giving interviews as a means of mindfrak. Here’s the deal in short form (highlight between double-colons), check the interviews and/or io9’s writeup for details:

:: Yup, it’s Earth :: (Told ya)

:: Apart from being Eart, it’s also the Cylon homeworld, according to scripture :: (Uh-huh)

:: The Final Four (at least) are original Cylons, meaning, really, really old, and unique (as in no multiple models) :: (OK…)

:: There might be more than one Earth :: (Mindfrak. Period.)

SyFy Portal adds to that the following:

:: Not everything is always as it seems :: (Duh!)

:: The Final Cylon might be revealed as soon as the mid-season premiere :: (Figured.)

:: The final episodes will continue to deal with the fleet’s search for (that other) Earth :: (see above, Mindfrak)

Should you find this confusing, go ahead and read through the linkage. Or, as Charlie Jane Anders phrased it:

My head? Now spinning.

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Are You Alive? (incl. BSG Season 4.5 Spoiler-Roll)

Posted by melancholygeek on September 23, 2008

BSGActually, yes, yes I am. Again, all I can do is apologize for the long-ish absence but on the one hand the other life caught up on me big time (in the bestest of ways!), and on the other hand there’s a little online-side-project in the pipeline you’ll hear about soon enough 🙂 Oh, and also apologies to the Skiffy girls for not showing up lately, same reasons apply.

But of course I don’t return (even if ever so briefly) without bearing gifts:

It’s already all over the interwebs, and finally it reaches this humble site – the titles of the final batch of BSG episodes, along with its writers and directors (I don’t count Razor as a double episode, hence the numbering, Writer/Director info thanks to Galactica Sitrep):

  • 4×11 Sometimes A Great Notion (W: Weddle, Thomson/D: Nankin)
  • 4×12 A Disquiet Follows My Soul (RDM/RDM)
  • 4×13 The Oath (Verheiden/Dahl)
  • 4×14 Blood On The Scales (Angeli/Rose)
  • 4×15 No Exit (Mottesheard/Horder-Payton)
  • 4×16 Deadlock (Espenson/Young)
  • 4×17 Someone To Watch Over Me (Weddle, Thomson/Nankin)
  • 4×18 Islanded In A Stream Of Stars (Taylor/EJO)
  • 4×19 Daybreak Pt. 1 (RDM/Rymer)
  • 4×20 Daybreak Pt. 2 (RDM/Rymer)
  • 4×21 Daybreak Pt. 3 (assumed, RDM/Rymer)

In other news (spoiler between double-colons, highlight to read): According to The Olmos, they are :: on the nuked Earth ::. And apparently some colonial marine’s role gets huge in the final episodes.

According to a call sheet for episode 13, The Oath, The Olmos has, among others, the following scenes: :: Being not forthcoming with the press on Colonial One ::, :: meeting Zarek in the brig ::, :: giving Tigh coordinates in a corridor ::, and :: ‘not caring’ together with Roslin in her temporary quarters :: (\o?).

And lastly, Rick Worthy claims to :: have some pretty big scenes with Grace Park ::. And according to Tricia Helfer, we’ll get to know the Final Cylon pretty early in the last 10 episodes (that’s no spoiler, is it?.

So much for that, don’t expect too many updates in the near future, but it’ll change in time, trust me. Oh, and to the one person that got here by googling ‘masturbate to katee sackhoff‘, I hope you had a good time.

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Happy Frakking Birthday

Posted by melancholygeek on September 17, 2008


Battlestar Galactica turns 30 today!

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Marvel Movie Updates

Posted by melancholygeek on September 13, 2008

Long time, no updates on upcoming Marvel movies, so here’s what I’ve collected over the past weeks:

The next Spider Man movies seem to be a go, and with established personnel: Sony seems to have finally gotten Raimi’s and Maguire’s signatures under those contracts, no word on Ms. Dunst though. And it looks like, yes, there’s gonna be Spidey 4 and 5. Of course, no word on the villains as of yet, but I guess Lizard should be a given in at least one of these movies. My guess would be Lizard and perhaps Vulture in the fourth and the Sinister Six in number five. Or they really go for full Goblin mayhem and bring in the Hobgoblin? I hope not.

Speaking of Spidey-villains, Venom could be getting its own movie, and should Topher Grace decline the role, here’s some alternatives. I really don’t know whether Venom could carry a whole movie, but I’d watch it I guess…

It seems that 20th Century Fox is working on a new X-Men movie, called X-Men: First Class, which could be some sort of origin story for the Xavier School’s mutant hero team. Hopefully no reboot though, seeing that, while the third installment wasn’t exactly the greatest thing since sliced bread, I really like the set-up so far.

And, concerning the X-Men, I really thing Deadpool should get a spin-off movie, even without having seen his debut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine yet.

And could it be there’s finally some major casting done for Captain America? Well, maybe not. Not being a huge fan of Mr. Smith, I wouldn’t mind the latter.

So, who will be the villain in the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie? The Mandarin has already been kinda set up, but what about the Crimson Dynamo? Who ever it will be, it might get huge (which I could care less about)!

Speaking of Iron Man, what about his peer group, the Avengers? Are they going through with their Ultimate setting? I sure hope so!

And you won’t get me to comment on a possible Daredevil reboot.

(via Major Spoilers, io9, Den Of Geek and Topless Robot)

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Galactica Four Panel Transcripts

Posted by melancholygeek on September 11, 2008

BSGYes, I know, usually I don’t cover conventions that much, but usually Callum Keith Rennie doesn’t attend them either, so there you go.

Notable exception was early August’s Wolf Galactica Four event in London, where he actually made an appearance – and which I of course couldn’t attend. Unlike the wonderful benelie, who posted transcripts of two panels (so far) in the LJ community 3xcusemyfrench (don’t worry, the transcripts are in English), namely of Q&As with Luciana Carro and, of course, Callum Keith Rennie. With pictures! And lovely, lovely quotes.

This post has been brought to you by shameless fanboy-ism (and via battlestar_blog).

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We’re All Gonna Die! (but probably not today)

Posted by melancholygeek on September 10, 2008

So, today is the big day. As most probably all of you are aware of, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research CERN fired up it’s new Large Hadron Collider for real this time. But fear not, even if you are one of the fearsome few that are afraid of being eaten by a microscopic black hole, turned to a stranglet or getting anally probed by a magnetic monopole. Today just a 450 GeV beam is circulating in the 27 km long tunnel under the French-Swiss border near Geneva. No collisions, no armageddon. Still, as probably every scientist in the world, I’m rather psyched to finally see this facility entering operation status (which I would, could I get the webcast they provide to work).

And even if you’re not interested at all in what’s going on at CERN, you could still use this piece of information as a pick-up line [xkcd] (I wonder if that’s an all-inclusive holiday resort. If you get this, you’re just as pathetic as me). Or you can pass your time by letting Jorge from PhD comics explain how all that stuff works.

More science news: What troubles me way more than the hypothetical dangers presented by the LHC experiments is the fact that prions, the little buggers responsible for nasty stuff like Creutzfeld-Jakob and ‘mad cow’ disease, managed to jump the species barrier. ReGenesis anyone? (via /.)

On a somewhat lighter note, check out these five extremely cool research facilities (and while you’re at it, check out these five too) over at deputydog.

And finally, if you really want to know a bit more about all this science stuff addressed here but can’t push yourself to pick up a book (can’t blame you, really), check out’s 5 Scientific Theories That Will Make Your Head Explode and McSweeny’s Physical Theories, if they were women.

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Battlestar Galactica TV Movie News (and speculations)

Posted by melancholygeek on September 4, 2008

BSGio9’s Morning Sopilers (two days ago, yes I’m late as always) reported, among other tidbits, the following about what The Olmos has spilled at DragonCon:

[…]Also, it sounds as though Olmos said there are two Cylon agents dealing with the reality of the human survivors.[…] (read more)

In the light of old news that this movie will focus on the stories of three particular cylons, namely Cavil, Tyrol and Anders, one of these agents should be a given. But the second one? Well, a little more light is shed on the situation by this piece of info reported by the Geeks Of Doom:

The 2-hour movie will act as an extended episode and is set in the “Lay Your Burdens Down”[sic] time period, according to Michael Hogan, who plays Colonel Saul Tigh on BSG.

In the Saturday panel at Dragon*Con 2008, Edward James Olmos said the story would address what happened between his character Bill Adama and Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) on New Caprica. The DVD movie, Olmos said, “is about how Adama gets laid.” (read more)

Of course, my big, warm, fuzzy shipper-heart jumps for joy concerning the ‘getting laid‘ part (although I’m not sure whether I actually want to see this). And the setting in the Lay Down Your Burdens period of course makes perfect sense, seeing how Anders joins up with the rest of them, Tyrol suspecting he might be a skinjob (and in the course of events beating Cally to pulp) and seeking counsel with Brother Cavil, later to be exposed to be a cylon. But how does that shed light on who might be the second cylon agent (assuming that Anders and Tyrol don’t count, seeing they’re not ‘switched on‘ yet)?

Well, IIRC, in LDYB, there have been two direct interactions between (soon to be) established cylons and Final Fours, Cavil + Tyrol being one and Anders, being put out of the game by pneumonia + a certain cylon model looking for Kara Thrace…

Hey, let a fanboy dream!

EDIT: And who says, dreams can’t come true? Here’s what Maureen ‘The Watcher’ Ryan has to say about the matter:

[…]But I got to wondering — who else is in it? A source close to the production said we can also count on seeing a host of actors who play Cylons on the show: Tricia Helfer (No. 6), Grace Park (Boomer/Athena), Rick Worthy (Simon), Matthew Bennett (Doral) and Callum Keith Rennie (Leoben).[…] (read more)

\o/ (Thanks to Mirylla3 over at Skiffy for the heads up!)
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In A World, That Has Lost It’s Voice

Posted by melancholygeek on September 4, 2008

Don LaFontaine died last weekend, age 68. Movie trailers will never be the same.

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Battlestar Galactica Drive-By Rumor Post

Posted by melancholygeek on September 2, 2008


I usually don’t comment too much on rumors, but seeing how evidence is mounting that this could actually be true, here we go:

It seems that Aaron Douglas mentioned during a panel at DragonCon, he heard talks that the airing of Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 might be pushed back until April 2009. That’s what Galactica Sitrep reports (I first stumbled upon it on Battlestar Blog though).

Geeks Of Doom has a bit more detail on the words spoken (…and the SCI FI Network sucks.) whereas Blend Television comes up with a speculative theory why this push-back might come to happen.

If this really comes to happen this way, I got a One Words Impression for you: Sucks!

EDIT: See, that’s why I usually don’t comment on rumors… As soon as I do, they get debunked, just to make me look bad 😉

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