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Battlestar Galactica TV Movie News (and speculations)

Posted by melancholygeek on September 4, 2008

BSGio9’s Morning Sopilers (two days ago, yes I’m late as always) reported, among other tidbits, the following about what The Olmos has spilled at DragonCon:

[…]Also, it sounds as though Olmos said there are two Cylon agents dealing with the reality of the human survivors.[…] (read more)

In the light of old news that this movie will focus on the stories of three particular cylons, namely Cavil, Tyrol and Anders, one of these agents should be a given. But the second one? Well, a little more light is shed on the situation by this piece of info reported by the Geeks Of Doom:

The 2-hour movie will act as an extended episode and is set in the “Lay Your Burdens Down”[sic] time period, according to Michael Hogan, who plays Colonel Saul Tigh on BSG.

In the Saturday panel at Dragon*Con 2008, Edward James Olmos said the story would address what happened between his character Bill Adama and Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) on New Caprica. The DVD movie, Olmos said, “is about how Adama gets laid.” (read more)

Of course, my big, warm, fuzzy shipper-heart jumps for joy concerning the ‘getting laid‘ part (although I’m not sure whether I actually want to see this). And the setting in the Lay Down Your Burdens period of course makes perfect sense, seeing how Anders joins up with the rest of them, Tyrol suspecting he might be a skinjob (and in the course of events beating Cally to pulp) and seeking counsel with Brother Cavil, later to be exposed to be a cylon. But how does that shed light on who might be the second cylon agent (assuming that Anders and Tyrol don’t count, seeing they’re not ‘switched on‘ yet)?

Well, IIRC, in LDYB, there have been two direct interactions between (soon to be) established cylons and Final Fours, Cavil + Tyrol being one and Anders, being put out of the game by pneumonia + a certain cylon model looking for Kara Thrace…

Hey, let a fanboy dream!

EDIT: And who says, dreams can’t come true? Here’s what Maureen ‘The Watcher’ Ryan has to say about the matter:

[…]But I got to wondering — who else is in it? A source close to the production said we can also count on seeing a host of actors who play Cylons on the show: Tricia Helfer (No. 6), Grace Park (Boomer/Athena), Rick Worthy (Simon), Matthew Bennett (Doral) and Callum Keith Rennie (Leoben).[…] (read more)

\o/ (Thanks to Mirylla3 over at Skiffy for the heads up!)
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