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Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 Spoiler And No End

Posted by melancholygeek on September 26, 2008

BSGAlrighty, after some weeks of more or less draught on the spoiler-front, things get stirred up quite a little lately. So, once a gain a little drive-by spoiler round-up, just in case you missed it:

The dreadful Miss Park spilled in an interview at the Emmmys, that not all humans in the fleet will go all cuddly-wuddly with their new cylon allies. Now that’s a surprise.

Even more exciting: John Hodgman of ‘I’m a Mac – I’m a PC’-fame (the PC) will have a cameo in one of the next episodes, apparently playing some doctor.

OK, those were just teasers of course. The somewhat more real(?) deal is brought to us by the words of Aaron Douglas, who obviously enjoys giving interviews as a means of mindfrak. Here’s the deal in short form (highlight between double-colons), check the interviews and/or io9’s writeup for details:

:: Yup, it’s Earth :: (Told ya)

:: Apart from being Eart, it’s also the Cylon homeworld, according to scripture :: (Uh-huh)

:: The Final Four (at least) are original Cylons, meaning, really, really old, and unique (as in no multiple models) :: (OK…)

:: There might be more than one Earth :: (Mindfrak. Period.)

SyFy Portal adds to that the following:

:: Not everything is always as it seems :: (Duh!)

:: The Final Cylon might be revealed as soon as the mid-season premiere :: (Figured.)

:: The final episodes will continue to deal with the fleet’s search for (that other) Earth :: (see above, Mindfrak)

Should you find this confusing, go ahead and read through the linkage. Or, as Charlie Jane Anders phrased it:

My head? Now spinning.

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