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Battlestar Galactica Season 4.0 Deleted Scenes [UPDATE]

Posted by melancholygeek on October 9, 2008

BSGYup, I’m still here. But I got an awful lot of things on my mind lately and didn’t really feel like writing much. But things change and I have a whole bunch of ideas for the blog, so stay tuned and see what’s in store.

Before that though, there’s some news concerning our beloved BSG:

Season 4.0 has been released on DVD and with it some deleted scenes. And sogzilla has been kind enough to upload them on YouTube!

I couldn’t decide between some little Adama/Roslin goodness and the Chief strangling Cally to give you as a teaser (5 minutes of Kara/Lee shmoozing were out of the race pretty soon), so I give you Callum Keith Rennie (and Grace Park twice, sorry), because, y’know, Love is a powerful emotion:

In case YouTube shouldn’t work for you, io9 has the vids as well. And should you prefer reading over watching, head over to the battlestar blog, where falafel_musings posted summaries for all deleted scenes.

And just in case you’re wondering how long it will take now for me to post again – fear not! – for I shall present you with a callumy surprise this weekend!

UPDATE: You can get the full transcripts of the Deleted Scenes over at Galactica Science!

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