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Callum really likes Wolves, eh? [UPDATE]

Posted by melancholygeek on October 11, 2008

BSG Alright, this is not the callumy surprise I’ve been talking about earlier, more on that later.

What’s new now is that Callum Keith Rennie is about to attend his second ever convention, and again it’s organized by Wolfevents (like the Wolf Galactica Four in August earlier this year, where Callum also attended). And, sorry folks from the continent of Americana, it’s again in Europe.

This time it’s the Wolf: Trinity in Space (in German), a Stargate/BSG con on November 21-23 in the famed Bad Salzdetfurth (seriously, WTF?), Germany!

Rejoice my European readers (and those among the others who have too much time and money on their hands)!

(via battlestar blog)

UPDATE:‘s con veteran Pedda has set up a thread on Skiffy for people planning to attend Wolf: Trinity. If you have any questions about location, accomodation etc., you can ask him there. Thanks Pedda!

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