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[Kara/Leoben Shipper Week] FANFIC!

Posted by melancholygeek on October 17, 2008

BSGSeeing that I still don’t feel all too capable of coming up with original material, it might be a good idea to advertise some stuff other people wrote:

Thanks to my recent detour to livejournal-land, I was pointed to quite some nice places (on LJ of course) to find Kara/Leoben fanfic, and I guess this shipper-week is quite an alright opportunity to share. Be warned, some of these are a bit spoilery shouldn’t you have watched BSG up to the last aired episode:

First and foremost I’d like to recommend the lovely story Bravado by mdbsgfan, which in many ways captures what I think is the essence of the Kara/Leoben relationship.

If you’re more up for something to laugh about, and that very heartily, make sure you check out alissabobissa‘s hilarious A Two Is A Two.

If you feel more like browsing collections of fanfic, make sure you pass by the communities Trial By Water and The Community for Kara Thrace / Leoben Conoy lovers, karaben.

And speaking of collections, green_grrl compiled a nice list of Six Degrees of Due South fic. While you probably don’t know what the Six Degrees stand for (which calls for a Canada week sometime soon I guess), just rest assured there’s a Battlestar Galactica section there, dealing mostly with Kara/Leoben. And a lot of other great stories, too!


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