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[Kara/Leoben Shipper Week] Battlestar Galactica 1×08 ‘Flesh And Bone’ Impressions

Posted by melancholygeek on October 18, 2008

BSGWhat better way to celebrate Kara/Leoben Shipper Week than with a little recap of the first K/L episode, Flesh And Bone. (I might abbreviate Kara/Leoben like this occasionally and you should know by now that it doesn’t stand for Kara/Leland, right?)

One word of warning: These impressions are rather picture-heavy, hence the cut below.

We’re well into the first season, there’s way too many Boomers around, The Cylons do look like us now, and we are even allowed to know it and the original Apollo goes now by the name of Zarek and is a terrorist. No Cylon though (as far as we know).

Glowy-pretty Roslin in nightgown walking through a forest. My guess: dreaming. Of soldiers. Hmm. And wildly gesturing, creepy Leoben:

\o/ (well, not quite)

OK, I have no idea, whether these soldiers chase the pretty lady or the pretty guy. OK, and obviously they have a blind spot for bright-white, glowing people in dark forests. Unlike Leoben:

Now shut up and kiss me already. – Mwpht?

Oh, and when I said pretty guy? Um, strike that:

And no, I’m not referring to his shirt (this time).

And this flying away from the woman you saved Superman routine: Ur doin it rong!

Sweaty Roslin waking from Leoben saying her name, gasping for air (yeah, as if you wouldn’t know how that feels, dear reader). Thank the Gods there are pills against Leobenitis. Side effects from the Chamalla? Come on Laura, we stand to our obsession and so can you! Urgent call from the Captain of the Gemenon Traveler? Aww, I so hoped to get back into that dream… Thank you Billy, thank you very much. He found a whatnow? Be right there!

All dressed Roslin on the radio with Adama. Are you sure it’s a Cylon?

This is so making it on my locker door. Um, I mean, yes.

And it’s Conoy, Madam President, not Conroy.

CIC, Asshollo being as useful as possible (not much), Adama sending a team over to destroy it immediately. Roslin:

I hardly think so…

I want this man. Interrogated that is. Of course. Adama trying to defend his claim, unsuccessfully of course. That’s an order! Adama:

Aww, man!

Hangar deck, Starbuck having the Cylon Raider all figured out. Poked it with her cane til it spilled everything I guess. Adama giving her the heads up about Leoben (jealous much?). Starbuck:

Bring it on!

Opening credits.

Hangar deck, M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-my Sharon-A humming a little lullaby for the Raider. Sweet. Or not. Chief. What’s up? Sharon-A: Nothing. Well, apart from the fact that I’m a cylon. Chief: Yeah, right. Sharon-A, bitchin’.

Lieutenant Thrace on her way to the Gemenon Traveler.

Gemenon Traveler. Guess what, Cylons sweat:

Now that’s interesting.

Kara being badass interrogator: How many Cylons are there in the fleet? How long have you been hiding aboard this ship? Where do you buy your shirts? And poor Leoben?

What’s your name?

Am I not allowed to know your name?

Can you just tell me who you are?

God you stink. (He knows how to treat a girl, eh?)

I really wanna know your name.

And yup, she is Lieutenant Starbuck (it has such a nice ring to it)! Which makes Leoben insta-cylongasm. Hey, what’s in a name? Would a Starbuck by any other name not stink as sweet? Well, everyone got his issues I guess. I saw it. I’ve seen it. I got my past tense down.

Happy now?

You bet he is. It all makes sense now, doesn’t it? Nowwecantalk.Now we (CKR-pause(tm)) can talk about a lot of things. Gods I love it when he does that. The nuclear warhead thing? Not so much. And there he goes with his military training again. It’s gonna be fun!

Galactica, CIC. No one knows for sure. Radiological sweeps can’t hurt though. As a precaution. There is no nuclear warhead planted aboard one of the ships, of course. 8 hours, 40 minutes to go. Lieutenant Thrace, did he say anything else? – Says he’s looking forward to spending time with me though. (How do you like that, Roslin?)

Gemenon Traveler, interrogation room. Religion-babble. I see the universe. I see the patterns.

Heck, I even wear them!

I see it. And you don’t. (Neener-neener) But first:

Lunchtime! Yummy.

And yeah, I’m starting to understand what Leoben sees in Starbuck:

Streamy business. And also lunchy-time for Leoben:

Why do they only go for the beans? There was this stink-problem before, no? Anyways. Kara nodding ever so slightly. Leoben:


*punch* OK, carrot and stick. Sweat, that’s funny. I don’t get it. But I usually don’t swim in streams, so that’s alright I guess. Another nod, another punch. You’re everything I thought you would be. Dude, you got a problem. Let the games begin.

Galactica, Baltar’s lab. The cat dragging Sharon-A in. Gaius hitting on her (how desperate is he?). Head!Six? Not amused:

You’ve got to be kidding me…

I need your help. I know. Every viewer knows. But I’m no acting teacher. No! I just need to know I’m special (aka a Cylon)! Nice puppet-play there, Head!Six. And nice slow clap.She shoots. She scores. And one time, she’ll act! Beta test subject, eh? As this one time during casting… alright, alright, I’ll quit. For now.

Cylon-occupied Caprica. Sharon-B (please, this is just mean) being half an hour late for the daily skinjob meeting (getting the naughty on with Helo I guess?). And being one of them. And one of us. All together now: One for you. One for me. Enter Sharon-B. We had sex. – Congratulations. You’re a real boy girl now. So now you’ll go and live happily ever after. Or kill him. Whatever. Helo/Sharon-B smoochie flashbacks. Guess it won’t be either, hm? Helo, we gotta go, now. – Why? – Because you love me and I’m totally not a cylon. – Ah, alrighty then.

Gemenon Traveler, interrogation room. Leoben:

I am God.


Nice to meet you.

Leoben, preaching. Kara, not impressed. Well, perhaps a little. Leoben, drawing the line, here:

More streams. I think we should indulge you in your obsession. Doesn’t sound too nice, does it? OK, the streamy routine didn’t work, Leoben trying to be badass. Very badass that is:

(meet Ms. Sackhoff’s stunt-double)

I have a surprise for you.

Adama, morgue. Checking in on the other Leoben:

Oh, right, there was this nuclear warhead thing. Totally forgot. 2 hours, 9 minutes to go. Tigh, spreading out the fleet.

Gemenon Traveler, interrogation room. Enter the stream:

Do it.

I guess that’s what they call waterboarding nowadays.

You bet it is.

Kara remembering the warhead, too. And she’s got the hang of downloading. And why is a Cylon willing to talk at all? To spend some quality time with you, stupid! A bunch of circuits with a bad haircut? Come on, he’s trying so hard! I don’t have a soul, I have software. She can be quite a bitch, no?

I have a soul. I see the patterns. I don’t have a bad haircut.

Ooh, Leoben going psychoanalyst and touching a sore spot! Kara:

Start again.


Gotcha, bitch.

Baltar’s lab. Guess who’s a Cylon? And guess who doesn’t tell her… Hmm.

Roslin, Billy, Colonial One. Less than an hour to go. Roslin finally admitting to her desires. I wanna see the Cylon myself.

Gemenon Traveler, interrogation room, Leoben still being waterboarded. Kara realizing it’s no use. All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again. Uh-huh.

You can’t see that your destiny’s already been written.

And here comes the surprise: You’ll find Kobol. Birthplace of us all. Kobol’ll lead you to Earth. This is my gift to you, Kara. OK, well… I expected… well, not that. Enter:

What the hell is going on here?


Hey there, Foxy…

Madam President cutting Lieutenant Starbuck down to size.

Cleaned up Leoben (because, you know, there is not much time) getting his restraints taken off (with one of the marvelous Roslin Do-it!s). And she can do more. You’re a naughty President, aren’t you? Nah, it’s just about release. 4 minutes to go. Roslin being sweet like honey. And wouldn’t you know:

The warhead doesn’t exist.


Son of a…


Ooh.. you’re pretty. What did you just say again?

And wouldn’t you know, Leoben taking up Kara’s defense. How sweet. And we should talk about the whole dehumanizing Cylons thing again. Finally, Leoben can’t stand the tension any longer:

Mhhhh, your hair smells good. Oh, and Adama is a cylon.

Um, thanks. And… WHAT?!

Put him out the airlock! Um, OK. Roslin can be quite the bitch as well I guess? Still love her though. But Leoben! Ah, well, there’s more where he came from, right?

But, but, but….

I’ll see you again Kara. End of next season.

I’ll wait for you… *cough* or not *cough*

Whoosh goes the Leoben. Remember that flying away from the woman you saved Superman routine from the beginning? Just like that. Roslin:

Frak. Now I’m stuck with Bill again.

Galactica, duty locker. Kara praying for Leoben’s soul. Wouldn’t you know.

Adama’s quarters. Laura and Bill, together again. Something wrong? – No, nothing at all. The End (that’s drama, folks!).

OK, OK. I know this is Kara/Leoben shipper week, and this is THE Kara/Leoben episode… but quite frankly, this time re-watching it, I noticed the Laura/Leoben vibes for the first time. So don’t airlock me for putting a little english on these impressions. So, conclusion:

Overall, what can I say about this episode that hasn’t been said before? It’s awesome in the scope of military science fiction, showing what is amongst the darkest pages in the book, torture of prisoners. The Colonial soldiers aren’t just the good guys, a topic that is brought up in the series quite often. They are soldiers. And they are at war. They step over lines, they break rules and they lose it sometimes. And it’s good to see that a science fiction TV series picks that up.

On a lighter note: It’s Kara/Leoben for frak’s sake! The interplay between the characters (and frankly, the actors) is amazing to watch and especially Callum Keith Rennie is disturbingly great in his role. It’s of course a shame that we had to wait for one and a half seasons to see the two together again, but this episode, from my point of view stands on its own anyway. It is definitely one of my all time favorites, and as such I, for the second time since I’m doing these impressions, give the final verdict:


One word impression: Disturbing


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  1. Tyrella said

    Thank you so much! This was hilarious and concurrently. Great work. It really makes my day.

  2. 🙂 Glad you liked…

  3. Ksenia said

    Oooh, adorable recap! Thanks so much for the inventionary vision of the ep :+)
    there are so few Starbuck/Leoben fans on the net, at least it’s hard to find an accomplice in such a power-consuming thing as shippery… I guess most are lurkers. So your stuffy here is a huge relief.
    thanks again

  4. @Ksenia Glad you enjoyed! 🙂 And there are way more Kara/Leoben shippers out there than you might believe. just check out The CKR Files or the Callum Keith Rennie “Leoben” Appreciation Threat on the SciFi forums!

  5. volume pills review…

    [Kara/Leoben Shipper Week] Battlestar Galactica 1×08 ‘Flesh And Bone’ Impressions « Melancholygeek…

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