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BSG Con Update: No Callum This Weekend, The Geek Is Shattered

Posted by melancholygeek on November 17, 2008

BSGSince I mentioned Callum Keith Rennie’s supposed appearance at this week’s Trinity In Space convention in Bad Salzdetfurth before, here’s an update to the story: No, he won’t.

As announced on wolfevents’ german website (and here on battlestar blog), Callum cancelled his appearance, most probably due to his filming for the new TV pilot Shattered, in which he’ll play the role of an ex-cop with multiple personality disorder (check out scriggle‘s tight coverage of anything Shattered here, here, here and here). While him starring in a new series is of course cause for much rejoicing, it’s still bad news for anyone attending the Con basically because of Callum and especially those who’ve never watched anything Stargate and don’t have the slightest clue at all who the other guests are. As you might have already guessed: I’m one of them.

This of course also means that there probably won’t be the extensive Con coverage here that I planned for (wolfevents is trying to get a replacement but knowing my luck it’ll be Bamber or Clyne) but I’ll nevertheless might drop a line or two about the event.

And yes, I’m still looking forward to this weekend, seeing that I’ll meet a lot of great people there anyway, Callum or no Callum. *sulk*


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