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BSG Linkroll Pt. XI (Once more, with spoilers)

Posted by melancholygeek on November 23, 2008

BSGWebisodes! Spoiler! Buttseks! Tricia Helfer! (the latter two are not connected)

It seems like I have to get out of town without internet access more often, for interesting things tend to happen just then. But first a little personal thanks:

The C6D_weekly over at livejournal linked here and got me a bunch of (new?) visitors! Thank you kindly.

In other news: Some of you might have picked up I’m not exclusively watching Battlestar Galactica but occasionally cheat on our beloved with other series. One of these mistresses is the spy-comedy Chuck. Personally I’m a total sucker for the Does the geek (or nerd for that matter) get the girl? co-premise of the show. And guess who’s gonna be this girl in the second part of the running Season? Tricia Helfer! Good move Tricia, good move indeed! [via io9]

Wolfevents’ joint Stargate/BSG convention Trinity in Space just ended and instead of Callum Keith Rennie the BSG guest turned out to be Matthew Bennett (Fashion victim Cylon #5, the not so beloved(?) Aaron Doral). Why am I mentioning this, while I keep quiet about cons in general? Because I was there. Expect more coverage of the event over the next days.

The Season 4.5 teaser trailer finally hit the net! And it even brought along a little baby brother! Just the links here, embedded posts to follow (I’m a google-ranking whore, I know). I just watched them once as of yet, but I can say, they’re awesome! For me as an Adama/Roslin shipper as well as for all you poor lost souls that still think Kara doesn’t deserve better than Leland. Just kidding.

Webisodes: Yes, they’re coming (we knew that), but earlier than initially feared! Actually, the mini-episodes, directed by Jamie Bamber and James Callis and named The Face Of The Enemy will start going on line next month! And for those of you who consider the information that a Battlestar is actually a huge chunk of metal flying through space a spoiler, here’s another hair-raising tidbit that will be “revealed” in the webisodes (highlight to read): :: Gaeta is gay. And haz buttseks with Hoshi :: No! Seriously? What will be next? Boomer is a Cylon? [via aintitcool, Galactica Sitrep]

More spoilers! Should you’ve been asleep the past months and are too lazy to browse through this epiphany of a weblog for all the spoilers for the rest of the season, io9 has posted a nice little roundup of all there is to know so far.

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2 Responses to “BSG Linkroll Pt. XI (Once more, with spoilers)”

  1. You are welcome.

    You are also on the list of communities/people that I keep an eye on for c6d_weekly.

    editor, c6d_weekly

  2. I am honored.

    TYK 🙂

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