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Trinity In Space Impressions Day 1

Posted by melancholygeek on November 27, 2008

BSGAs mentioned earlier, I spent the weekend out of town, namely in the lovely Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany, and frankly, that’s about as far out of town you can possibly get. Seriously, when ever you feel like getting away from it all and you happen to be in Germany, BaSa (as I’ll abbreviate it from now on) is the place for you.

Not so this last weekend though, for the local hotel housed the Trinity In Space Convention, organized by Wolfevents, a joint convention for all things Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and, you might have guessed it, Battlestar Galactica.

Before I dive into the unspeakable abyss of awesome (much) and gruesome (little) that was this weekend, some starters to set things into perspective.

a) I had never been to a con before. I just never thought me the type to drool over celebrities, put on weird costumes and rub shoulders with sweaty, smelly nerds (yup, that’s what I imagined cons to be. Sue me.).

b) Stargate for me is a decent movie starring Kurt Russell. Of course I was aware of the way the franchise had developed, but I never consciously watched any episode of SG-1 or SGA.

c) The one and only reason for me to decide to go there was the appearance of Callum Keith Rennie, whom, as an actor, I admire beyond what is healthy. The fact that I’d meet some other people there I had contact over the internets with of course put the cream and chocolate sprinkles on top, but I booked everything mainly because of The Rennie. Of course, he canceled a couple of days before the event.

So, was it the best of times? Was it the worst of times? Find out after the cut.

Melancholygeek’s Con Diary, Day 1

After a smooth trip to Hannover and beyond, I ended up in Hildesheim, which, according to the description BaSa, near Hildesheim, I suppose is the last reference-able human settlement before you enter the central-German void. Lucky for me I ran into three delightful and jolly Stargate-ladies who took me under their wings. We even found a common denominator in Doctor Who, so communications was possible. SciFi is the universal language. Very reassuring. Plus: Without them I most probably would have gotten lost beyond rescue on my way to the hotel, so here’s to you ladies!

The pleasure continued at the, actually very nice, hotel when I found the two ladies I was planning on meeting already waiting for me in the lobby. Whom I met were the most wonderful people I could possibly have expected and instantaneous all my worst expectations were blown away. Forget about smelly nerds and actors I’ve never seen in anything in my life, just to spend the weekend with these angels made the money spent worthwhile. I love you girls!

Dumping my stuff in the room (also nice at first glance), next stop: Registration desk. Putting it together with picture walls and other stuff in a narrow hallway? Not the best of ideas folks. Especially seeing that I wasn’t the only connie that optimized the volume-to-surface-ratio of his body beforehand. But well, everyone got out alive, so let’s file this under Minor Details.

Prepped up with our badges, programs and candy(!), off to the convention-hall we went, just in time for the first event: Public showing of the movie A Dog’s Breakfast, starring (as I learned) a whole bunch of Stargate-actors. So, what do I think of it? It’s amusing, no doubt, it has plainly hilarious moments, the actors are great and the humor just the right shade of dark for me. BUT: It’s too long! After the first, say, 20 minutes, I expected the ending credits any minute. It would have made for a superb short film, this way it’s just a pretty decent movie. Final Verdict: 3/5, One Word Impression: Funny.

On we go with what has been dubbed Opening Ceremony. Starting with a cute little movie made from footage of what I guess was last year’s con we get introduced to the staff in a way that I’ll describe as follows: I’m sure someone put a lot of thought in that and most probably found it hilarious at one point. For me, it was the first example of what Germans tend to call Fremdschämen (vicarious embarrassment, or something along these lines), but that’s just me.

So, some spare time coming up in which I was blessed with the opportunity to meet another lovely lady and one delightful fella which lead to a total of four people I could tag along with, all nothing like what I feared they’d be. So I felt like settling in and actually started to enjoy myself in these weird and strange surroundings that is a convention.

The hunt for dinner brought us to the bar (people who know me probably aren’t surprised by this), which actually was a wonderful place… great seats, nice and cozy, a little dim and with fabulous beer. Again, I have to shout out to my fellow connies at that table: You guys are awesome! I felt right at home, wouldn’t it have been for one little thing: The Meet & Greet. Obviously a common thing for smaller conventions: The guests roam around the place, sit with you for a couple of minutes and pretend to care about who you are. I, for one, could have cared less. Three actors I’ve never seen in anything and, well, Bad Suit Cylon. But I had nice company and good beer, so let’s get this over with.

I might confuse the order of the guests appearing plus what follows might be a bit biased by what happened in the following days, but here’s the deal:

Tony Amendola: What a pleasant fella! He’s kind of what I expected Sean Connery to be like be for he went, well, weird. The chit-chat went smooth, and he was actually the only one to ask all our names and shake hands (well, you scrape a minute off the time you have to spend with drooling strangers, so there’s that). I don’t remember too much of the talking, which probably means no one of us made a total fool out of him/herself, so I’ll note it on the plus side. Over all, a nice couple of minutes I could have lived without but don’t really want back.

Andee Frizzel: What a woman! Don’t get me wrong, she’s so not my type, but still, very fascinating. She’s ridiculously tall and skinny and has a voice like a lumberjack. And the mouth to go along with it. She told a neat little story (one of her repertoir seeing that she repeated it later on a panel) how she was mistaken for Tricia Helfer at a convention (which is understandable). It wasn’t so much the story itself but her way of telling it that captured me. She could just as well do stand-up! This lady is just hilarious! Those minutes were well spent.

Kate Hewlett: See, there I ran in the first real problem. How could I possibly manage to knock her out, pack her in a bag and take her home with me to put on a shelf without anyone noticing? Seriously, she is a doll! While Andee had kind of a professional comedy thing going on, Kate is just naturally funny. And lively! She just seemed like a little girl enjoying just about every facet of her life, marveling at the wonders this world presents her with (in the given case an exercise book for kids she bought). And she’s contagious! I just wanted to hug her all the time (I didn’t), that’s how cute she is. I wouldn’t want to miss this little chat for anything in the world.

Matthew Bennett: Finally someone I’ve actually seen somewhere before! But first a little back-story: The five of us were sitting at a rather exposed table near the entrance to the bar, so the aforementioned guests basically just had to stumble in the room and sat at our table. Which is basically what they did. Not so Mr. Bennett. He basically ignored everyone, went straight to the bar and got himself a beer. Mr. Bennett: Never mind all that happened later this weekend, that was the moment you got a new fan. So what else about him: We had a very nice chat with him, that’s for sure, especially seeing that he talked about Callum Keith Rennie a lot (mainly because we greeted him with the words ‘We all came to see CKR, but it’s nice to meet you too’, I guess). And craigslist, he does love craigslist. General impression: A professional actor. I really couldn’t place him right there. He had an aura of slight arrogance around him which I wasn’t sure came as a defense mechanism or is just part of his persona. He was very nice, don’t get me wrong here, but I couldn’t figure out whether it was an act or not. I immediately had some sort of feeling concerning the other actors, not so with him. Were those minutes well spent? Setting my mind back to that evening, all I can say is ‘Meh.’. It was nice to meet a BSG actor in person, yes, so that’s a plus, but Matt Bennett himself didn’t leave too much of an impression. It might sound harsh, I know, but as always, first impressions are not to be trusted.

With this part of the program behind us we sat in the bar for quite some hours (again, people who know me probably aren’t surprised to read that we were the last guests), talked and laughed a lot and were joined by yet another wonderful lady which completed our circle of six that would not break until the end of the convention.

I went to bed with the feeling that coming here wasn’t such a bad idea after all, with or without Callum Keith Rennie. Already I had met the most marvelous people, none of which was an actor, and that alone made it worthwhile. Actually, it probably couldn’t get much better than this. Boy, was I in for a surprise…

Here ends part one of my Trinity In Space Impressions. Coming up next: Panels, more Fremdschämen and a party from hell.

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3 Responses to “Trinity In Space Impressions Day 1”

  1. Tyrella said

    Thank you, thank you so much for this great report and your nice words about our wonderful little group. It’s so much better than my dilettantish attempt. But obviously we share a lot of impressions and had the same problems describe Matthew Bennett after we met him for the first time. I’m really looking forward to the next part (and I know it will be even better cause I know what happened…hehehe.)

  2. Balzac said

    hallo MG, your report is really touching, and for me too, it was a pleasure to meet you and you all were worth to spend the money, I had a great time with you all, and I was enjoying to laugh with you (and to cry too :-)) )….


  3. Girls, I have no words to express how much I miss you and the rest of the gang (did any of you have the word ‘Bennett-Bunnies’ popping up in their heads recently?)…

    @Tyrella: I totally loved your report so far and can’t wait to read more!

    @Balzac: *hugs*

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