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Trinity In Space Impressions Day 2.0 (This time it’s personal)

Posted by melancholygeek on November 28, 2008

BSGAaand, we’re back! And before we continue the coverage of a geek’s journey to the forbidden land, here’s a quick shout-out to someone who’s grown very dear to me over the course of events that were the Trinity In Space convention. The marvelous Tyrella, whom I mentioned in the first part of these Impressions, although not by name, obviously couldn’t keep to herself concerning the last weekend either and runs her own Trinity In Space report over at her LJ. As you might have guessed she has also been part of our little connie group (I might refer to in the following as The Significant Six) and does a wonderful job in giving her impressions of the con. So, before reading any further, head over there and get a second opinion from one of the most fascinating and adorable people I was to meet in a long, long time!

Back on topic: Yours truly joined a rag-tag band of non-smelly nerds on their quest for survival in the most hostile of surroundings – The Con! Having encountered their first obstacle, the dreaded Meet & Greet Of Doom – and prevailed! – The Significant Six are now to face their next challenge: The day that wouldn’t end!

This here now is merely the prelude to said epic battle, because there are some things I have to get out of my system beforehand. So bear with me, tomorrow you’ll get the full monty, but today, I just need to do what I rarely do and jot down some personal and not so con related things. Feel free to skip this if you just want to know more about the guests (tomorrow, promise), but if you want to learn a bit about yours truly, please stay.

Expect scantily clad female bottoms, showers that fight back and the weirdest breakfast habits you’ll ever read about. Right here, after the cut.

Melancholygeek’s Con Diary, Day 2.0

I awoke to a sight, while pleasant to the eye, most disturbing to behold, given the circumstances: Red high-heels, knee socks and pink panties, draped more or or less tastefully on half a female (at least I hoped it was) body… Seeing that I’m not at all a morning person, it took me a bit to realize that what I was looking at was this:

img_0649-21(Yeah, I know my camera sucks)

And no, the lady wasn’t actually pooping sunshine. Seriously, who hangs this in a hotel room right across the bed?

Nothing to recover from such a sight in the early hours of the day than a relaxing shower, right? A shower it was, relaxing? Not so much. A little personal ranting here, bear with me, report continues in a sec. I’m not a morning person. Never was, never will be. Coffee helps (a lot), tea can work, but a shower is mandatory. A relaxing shower, mind you. Shouldn’t I get the temperature right in under half a minute, you wouldn’t want to meet me that day. Should anything else go wrong (It’s a shower! What could possibly go wrong?), things get worse. Here’s what happened: I turn on the hot water, next thing I hear is the sound of the valve-knob-thingy (seriously, what do you call these things? Any language would be fine, I just don’t know any word for it.) clashing with the shower tub. Did I mention: Loud noises in the morning: Not a good idea! So basically I’ve been in the shower for about a minute altogether, didn’t get the right temperature and was exposed to loud noises. Not a good start, let me tell you.

Having the knob-thingy returned into place, I gently try and get some water-pressure going (and still the temperature right, mind you), the morning already ruined of course, when the shower gets back at me (seriously, what have I done?) again! As soon as the water turns from a dribble to something that could be seen as a distant relative to a stream (and yes, I saw patterns in it at that moment), the hose detaches from the shower head! Imagine me (please don’t!) wrestling with a detached shower hose before 8 a.m. in the morning in unfamiliar surroundings after realizing the female buttocks I just saw were a painting.

I don’t know whether it’s due to my education (not exactly engineering or plumbing, but actually close) or just brute force, at some point I did manage to put this thing back together and have something that vaguely resembled a morning shower. Seeing that most of you probably don’t know me in person and can’t really imagine my mood at that point: To call me grumpy would be like saying Leoben’s shirts (or Doral’s suits for that matter) are a facinating interpretation of the concept of colour an patterns.

So, why is it I’m telling you about this, you might ask. Apart from the fact that I’d like my readers to know my morning routine, there is actually a point to all this. On any ordinary day, these events would have caused me to be, say, not too pleasant to have around. But a breakfast with a) a lot of coffee, b) Andee Frizzell (not on our table) downing a bottle of champagne, c)  people eating Nutella(tm) and sausage (people call me sick for combining it with cheese…) and most of all d) the rest of The Significant Six actually managed to put me back on track. And unlike someone else (different hotel) I at least had warm water in the morning.

So this post is basically a ‘Here’s to you’ to my fellow connies that endured me that morning and made this day one of those I will tell my grandchildren about (or just some random kids on the street, for I intend to become that weird old guy that does such things).

Why turned this day out to be so great you ask? Tune in tomorrow for the actual con report, featuring Panels of Pain, Workshops of Wrath and the infamous Party From Hell!

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7 Responses to “Trinity In Space Impressions Day 2.0 (This time it’s personal)”

  1. Tyrella said

    *is too touched to say something intelligent at the moment*

  2. Never thought grumpy shower wrestling would qualify as *touching*, but it’s fine with me 😉

  3. Ninive said

    He, I feel like a superhero! So proud to be one of The Significant Six!!! I had a great time with you and the others from our group. Thanx for your marvelous report!

  4. Well to me you are! 🙂 Sorry for being so sluggish when it comes to the updates, but one part of it is as soon as these Impressions are done, the con is truly over. And I don’t like that a bit…

  5. Balzac said

    Hey me too, significant six, sounds loke Fantastic 4, lol

    I am proud of being apart of our Superherocircle!!!! Someone in FV asked me already about it, like i is something, everybody should know about :-))))


  6. Balzac said

    Jesus, I shouldnt write without my eyeglasses and without loght….light….

  7. And I thought it was supposed to be our new superhero-code 😉

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