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Trinity In Space Impressions Day 2.5 (Electric Bogaloo)

Posted by melancholygeek on November 29, 2008

BSGAlright, after this little digression concerning female tushies and the shower hose of horror, back to the actual con report.

Saturday’s program was packed with panels, photo- and autograph sessions, a workshop by Tony Amendola, a quiz and of course the con party, so basically what you would expect on the main day. But what was actually to expect? You might remember, I was a con virgin so far and I wasn’t alone with that in our little group, The Significant Six. How upfront will the guests be, how awkward will it get in the workshops? What is it exactly that a hundred and some nerds call a party? Should I have watched at least something of Stargate? Will I get completely lost with Matthew Bennett as the only straw in the stream to cling to (what a disturbing thought)?

Trust me, the answers to some of these questions surprised me a lot, so get ready for one hell of a ride when the adventures of The Significant Six continue with The Day That Wouldn’t End, right after the break.

[Edit: I might just as well call this the post that wouldn’t end, for it takes me way longer to write than I anticipated. Plus I have a bunch of other stuff to do. So this post will just cover what turned out to be half of the day, more hopefully tomorrow]

Melancholygeek’s Con Diary, Day 2.5

I mentioned above, the Trinity In Space isn’t a huge convention with its, say, 150 participants. This in turn of course makes four (as it turned out that day, actually five) celebrity guests a statistically not too insignificant number, aka, you’re bound to run into them occasionally. It was before the first panel (Andee Frizzell) that I went for a smoke (yeah, I know, sue me) before meeting with the others in the plenary hall that right after me no one less than Tony Amendola stepped outside to call his family. I got a slight nod and he started talking on his cell about how we had snow in BaSa, how nice it was etc… without even minding me in the slightest! Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t eavesdropping, in fact, I felt way too awkward in this situation and moved away as far as I could, but, yeah, that’s how cozy the whole event was. You get the picture I hope.

10:00 a.m., Andee Frizzell

I mentioned in my first post how Andee Frizzell is more of a stand-up comedian than everything else. Well, I hadn’t seen her on stage yet! Her appearance and voice are one thing, but the stories she told and how she told them, accompanied by facial expressions beyond compare – it was a blast.I won’t go into too much detail here, seeing that Stargate fans will do a much better job in recapping this panel, but here are some teasers so you go out there and find better reports: A brothel in New Zealand, booty rashes, wrap-party misunderstandings and the aforementioned Tricia Helfer confusion. This panel alone makes buying the con DVD (as soon as it’s released) mandatory.

10:45 Break

C’mon, you’re reporting about the breaks? Well, I do about this one at least, and you’ll see why. What you have to know beforehand is that the hotel we were at consisted mainly of two buildings, connected by a glass hallway. One of the decent places to go for a smoke (and where I met Tony Amendola before) is right next to said hallway. And of course, between panels, that’s where you’d find me. While standing there, minding my own business and waiting for my significant fellows to join me (not all smokers, but I’m such a nice guy they spent time with me in the cold anyways), in the corner of my eye I spotted Matthew Bennett walking down the hallway. I basically saw two options there: Run to the glass, knock and wave like an idiot (because, well, it IS Matthew Bennett after all) or, slowly turn away from the glass and pretend I didn’t notice him. Being the annoying extrovert that I am, I turned away. Next thing I hear is wild knocking on the glass! I turn around and there’s Mr. Bennett, waving at me like an idiot. Now what do you make of that?

11:00 a.m., Tony Amendola

Honestly, I don’t remember much about this panel. Of what’s been said that is. I remember horses… and that’s about it. What I do remember though is how impressed I was by the person that is Tony Amendola, his aura, his voice, the way he talked. I wasn’t bored or anything, it’s just that a lot of other things captured my attention on that panel. So sorry for those among you who wanted to read more about what he had to say, but I’m sure you’ll find panel transcripts on some Stargate sites out there. Or you can just by the DVD.

Break, photo session, lunch break

No random celebrity run-ins during this break as far as I can remember, just hanging with the others. Which is a marvelous thing by itself. All but one of us skipped the photo session (I never got the hang of taking pictures with somebody/something) and went out for a walk to discover the mysteries that Bad Salzdetfurth had to offer. Trust me when I say: Not many. The place was a ghost town. On my way to and fro I think I ran into three people. What I loved about the trip was a little bookstore we passed with a table out front bearing, well, books. The shop itself was closed, but a little cash box with a slit in it hung from the wall so you could just take some books and pay right there. Now there you have a little piece of an ideal world. I liked it.

While the others kept on looking for a shop I got back to the hotel to meet for lunch with the lovely little lady we lost to the photo session. Indeed we found a very nice little restaurant and chatted the meal away, and hadn’t it been for the upcoming panel, we’d probably still sit there. Seriously, this lunch is among my most fond memories of the whole weekend. I miss you, lovely little lady.

2:30 p.m., Kate Hewlett

Reunited at last, The Significant Six were to witness two quite extraordinary panels, I might say. I mentioned earlier what a doll Kate Hewlett was in the Meet & Greet session the day before. A stage doesn’t change her a bit! She is just the cutest thing, perfectly aware of the people’s interest in her brother, David Hewlett (who seems to be kind of famous) and toying with that a lot (e.g. by bringing a photograph of him with her on stage, just in case). I hadn’t seen anything of either of them, apart from the previously shown A Dog’s Breakfast, and since she was there, she was the center of my curiosity here. Seeing that she hasn’t done much to show in her imdb profile, she talked about David quite a lot, never seizing to smile in a way that seemed honest to me. And I learned that movies and TV are just a small part of what this woman is actually doing! Apart from that she’s a singer/songwriter and she writes screenplays (she apparently never finishes). Eventually the audience ran out of questions, but for a multi-talent like her that’s of course no problem. Next thing you know, she’s getting a guitar, performing one of her songs, Jungle Gym, live on stage. I have to say, I really liked the song (although I have to say, live performances always get to me), and concerning her apologies beforehand concerning her guitar play, well, let’s just say she shouldn’t give up her day job for it, that’s true. But she does have a beautiful voice and the song (about two lovers that aren’t meant to be) really got to me. All in all a great panel with a great Kate Hewlett.

3:30 p.m., Matthew Bennett

Nothing special I remember about the break, so let’s jump right in the next panel. Finally, Battlestar Galactica! As mentioned earlier, I didn’t really know what to make of Matt Bennett during the M&G, and his strange behavior in the morning just added to that confusion. One thing one should probably take into consideration though is that he had learned about the convention just two days earlier and it was his second convention overall. The panel itself was awesome, Matt being quite professional, funny and occasionally nerdy. Of course there was a lot of talk about BSG, the Cylons etc. (I can’t wait to see The Plan, seeing how much Matt talked about it and how awesome it turned out to be), but also his writing/directing debut Kick Me Down, his original plans for this weekend and other stuff. In general I have to say, once you get used to the way Matthew Bennett looks (which is nothing like Doral) and speaks, you definitely can spot the nice guy behind the actor. And of course this is not everything I have to tell about the panel, a detailed transcript will be posted here as soon as I find the time to transcribe it. And it’s definitely worth it, seeing that he spilled, well, no real spoilers for BSG (he was VERY cautious about that), but quite some info one might want to read something into. Plus he had some funny stories. And it’s a nice way of getting to see a little bit of the man behind what’s probably the most loathed among the Cylons on BSG.

That’s it for today folks, for I have to run. Tune in again tomorrow when The Significant Six experience the true meaning of fremdschäming and the Party From Hell finally rears it’s ugly head.

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