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Trinity In Space Impressions – Intermission

Posted by melancholygeek on November 30, 2008

Really guys, it’s not that I don’t want to continue these impressions, actually I am sort of working on them, but adding to the time issues I might have mentioned before, one nasty cold that’s rampant around here finally seems to have gotten to me. I still hope I’ll be able to post something more today, but chances are I’ll curl up un my couch with a tea and a blanket and watch some BSG. Or Buffy. We’ll see.

Until then, seeing that the general topic here is a convention in Germany, enjoy this little gem I just rediscovered, featuring The Hoff:

I remember fondly the time when I first saw this piece of… um, art? And by the way, that icy, stingy feeling you get in your gut while watching it that makes you want to look away? Fremdschämen is something like that.

And to quote Wil Wheaton: ” If you can’t do random silly shit like this with your blog, why have a blog in the first place?


8 Responses to “Trinity In Space Impressions – Intermission”

  1. Ninive said

    WTF??? … Nice way of illustrating the meaning of “fremdschämen”. And very effective! The Hoff made me want to hide under my table immediately … something that didn’t happen since the 1990s when I was still enjoying his acting talent in “Bayquatsch”. Yes, I have to confess … *hides under the table again* Hey, get well soon!!!

  2. Mir said

    What a national treasure you have there, MG! Long live The Hoff!

    *sends healing vibes* ♥

  3. Thanks for the get-well wishes, I’m on my way I guess…

    @Ninive It’s not that I didn’t watch Babewatch back in the days, but the interlectual that I am, I at least muted it… 😉

    @Mir After I found the above video (again) I browsed YouTube a little for The Hoff. You wouldn’t believe the gems buried there… Hmm… A The Hoff Week perhaps? Nah, probably not…

  4. Balzac said

    OMG!!!!!! Tell me, that this was just a bad dream…”Fremdschämen” is going to kill me, because I dont get any air to breath, while I’m hiding under my “Decke”….what is the right tranlation for “Decke”….????


  5. Balzac said


  6. OK, so I guess the example worked 😉

    And I think ‘blanket’ is the word you’re looking for 🙂

  7. blondyna7 said

    The Hoff Week would be awesome as long as “Du bist alles” is in it 😆

  8. That would definitely be on the list, yes… And thanks for reminding me, now I’ve got it stuck in my head again… 😉

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