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Trinity In Space Impressions Day 2.5, Part 2 (With A Vengance)

Posted by melancholygeek on December 1, 2008

BSGI hope everyone recovered from the awesomeness that is The Hoff and we’re ready to finally wrap Day 2 of The Significant Six vs. The Con.

So far, the guests were nice, nicer than expected perhaps, the panels were great, lunch even better and Bad Salzdetfurth… well, there.

We left off after Matthew Bennett’s panel which was amusing, to say the least. And to which you’ll get the transcript soon …ish. Promise. But first there are more important(?) matters that need coverage. namely Tony Amendola’s workshop, a Quiz and… The Party!

How did The Significant Six fare, confronted with such strange affairs? How did I end up in the girl’s (hotel!) room? When is a beer better than free? And what happened to all my cigarettes? Find out at least some of the answers, right here, after the cut…

Melancholygeek’s Con Diary, Day 2.5, Part 2

Matt’s panel was of course followed by another cigarette break, about which I don’t recall anything of general significance, so let’s jump right in the folly that was…

4:30 p.m., Tony Amendola’s Workshop

OK, I really had not the slightest of clues what to expect from a con workshop, but I had seen some footage from last year’s con that had me fear the worst. Being the cautious fellow that I am, I obviously didn’t heed Tony’s call for volunteers. The four lovelies of our little gang had the same idea, only the other guy of the SigSix mistook foolishness for bravery and faced the challenges that were to come. Tony’s idea itself wasn’t all too bad: Some social exercises, team-building, creativity, rythm… Things I all too painfully remembered from the (few, very few) acting classes I had taken. And in acting class, there’s a reason you don’t perform these in front of an audience. A very, very good reason.

First exercise: about 30 people sitting in a circle, everyone gets a number. So far, so good. They all start clapping at a certain speed. Harder, yes, but manageable. Now comes the fun part. Keeping the rhythm (remember, we’re in Germany here), the following conversation had to be carried out between two people (say #3 and #27):

#3: Sing, sing, sing number 27
#27: Who me?
#3: Yes you.
#27: Not me!
#3: Then who?

And then #27 starts again with the Sing, sing, sing part. As soon as someone breaks the rhythm (or calls a number that’s already out), he/she is out. Easy enough, right? Remember: Germany. I appreciate the additional difficulty brought in by the English language. But the whole rhythm thing? Well, let’s just say, the final result looked a little like this:

Nah, actually it didn’t, but it’s still a fun vid, no? But yeah, what impressed me the most was how composed Tony was during all that. Lesser men would have burst into tears or hit the ground running.

For the following exercises I don’t recall the rules completely, but they had to do with sound and motion (no rhythm required) and might be better explained by someone who wasn’t squirming with Fremdschämen at that point. Still: Kudos to all who actually participated, you were a very brave bunch. Or total nutjobs, it was hard to tell. Nah, I’m just kidding of course, well done. You might want to scratch the con-DVD in certain parts though. Just saying.

5:30 p.m., Autograph Session, Dinner Break

Again, as with the photo session, most of us skipped the autograph session (I didn’t bring anything to sign anyway) and we passed the time chatting about more things than dreamt of in your philosophy. And these are the moments (hours) I miss most about this con, I have to admit. Guys, I miss you. There, I said it. Again. Sue me.

Dinner time! Seeing how nice the bar was where we spent the better part of the day before, we wanted to get something there. No big surprise. What was a big surprise though was to find the place closed… because of the Party (that wasn’t to start for another three hours). Minor annoyance, yes, but an annoyance still. So the hotel restaurant it was. Nothing wrong with it, the food was supposedly good (I had a big lunch, so I can’t tell) and the company was marvelous, no matter the surroundings. It was so nice actually that we totally missed The Quiz.

Lovely Little Lady and me checked it out nonetheless (the last couple of minutes that is) and frankly, I regretted a little not having participated. The idea (as far as I got it) seemed nice… shown were stills from some TV series (I think 40 or so), along with a question concerning said series. During the minute the questions and stills were shown, the theme of another series was played in the background. My guess is you had to get the series shown, the question and the series to which the theme belonged right. Putting the scenes etc. together must have been quite some work. Kudos to the team for that.

Shortly after that The Significant Six joined forces again to face…

9:30 p.m., The Party

Phew, where to start? Location of said party was the convention hall, one third of which had been converted to a dance floor, the rest of which still held chairs and tables. So far, so good. I mentioned how cozy this con was? Say, 150 people? Let’s just say, a smaller location might have been a better idea. But alright, this way, if you wanted to dance, you had the space to do so, if you wanted to sit and talk, you… well, forget about the talking. The music (that I personally kinda liked, but I see how not everyone is into ABBA these days) was pitched as though the whole hall was a dance floor. And the better part of the hotel. So yeah, there’s that. I probably could have lived with that. But apart from music and people, to me there’s one more point to a party (yes, I’m old-school): Where’s the booze? Well, that as well had been taken care of, hence the aforementioned closing of the bar: There was another bar on the same floor as the convention hall (same floor not meaning next to it, you had to cross the lobby to get there), and, as a convenience to the smokers, you were allowed to smoke in there!

Should you expect rejoicing from this side, you’re mistaken. Said bar was small and cozy, true, but also with no detectable means of ventilation. I mentioned the whole smoking part? See, I’m a smoker, and probably even a heavy one at that, but even I couldn’t stand the stench (not sober at least)! For that, dear convention team: Epic fail! Speaking for myself here of course, but a) a somewhat closer source of alcohol and b) a completely smoke-free environment for all is what I’d wish for next time. Did I mention that the smokers lounge was located right next to the elevator and staircase of that hotel building by the way? You couldn’t even escape the stench by escaping it! And don’t get me started on the poor souls that had to work at the bar in that room!

So, we had loud music (too loud), cold cigarette smoke and people doing weird dances (Star Trekking, Doctor Who… I felt like I was fourteen again… Not a good feeling, trust me). A tactical retreat seemed in order. The decision was made when the magic words were spoken by my personal heroine: We do have wine at our room. So The Significant Six retreated… for now.

So, no smoking in the boys room but drinking in the girl’s (hotel) room. And no words spoken there shall ever pass my lips again. Just one advice to my fellow males reading this: Never, never move the pillows on a girl’s bed.

Well, eventually we ran out of wine before we ran out of night, so something had to be done. Alternatives were: Going to bed (sadly, we lost one brave soul to that) or finally face what lurked beneath. So back we went to show this party who’s boss. Well, kinda at least. We set up camp on a nice cozy couch in front of the convention hall and kept talking, watching the babylonian acts. Not long after we settled, the party drew some unexpected guests: Tony Amendola and Andee Frizzell were spotted, at least for a couple of minutes, until they did what Tony couldn’t do before: Hit the ground running. But soon after that, the next surprise: Matthew Bennett, accompanied by his most charming wife Brittaney and Kate Hewlett arrived, and they came to stay! Matt, after appreciating our presence, obviously had quite a lot of fun watching (and taking pictures of) drunken nerds doing the Doctor Who. Brittaney and Kate, along with some other connies, lingered at the entrance but made no attempt whatsoever to flee the scene. How nice is that?

OK, here’s where things get a bit weird. Being too caught up in conversation with my fellow Significants I hardly noticed anything around me beside the prominent hole in the glass I was holding, through which all my beer must have escaped. So I excused myself and went to the purgatory that was a bar to get that fixed. I had just placed the order and lighted my cigarette (just because I found the place disgusting doesn’t mean I can’t add something to that), I noticed some tiny (sorry, but you aren’t the tallest) guy in a striped shirt next to me. On second glance, this person looked vaguely familiar. On third glance I recognized the man who the day before waved at me from the security of a glass hallway. I was standing next to Matthew Bennett! At this point, most of you would have thought of something clever to say, I’m sure. But you are not me. The only thing that went through my head was What the f*ck is he doing here? (I just couldn’t imagine he’d be comfortable there). Usually, I’m not one to speak my mind. If I do though, you bet it’s in the most inappropriate of situations. What the fuck are you doing here? Way to start a conversation MG! Actually, it was! We chatted a little until our drinks arrived (beer for me, beer for him and Kate, red wine for Brittaney) and the barmaid gestured Together? I tried my best to object, but there was little I could do. Matthew Bennett bought me a beer!

I could imagine myself being starstruck. By Matthew Bennett? Hardly. But I was. I guess for the following hour or so I must have been the most annoying person around. Sorry for that again! But Matthew Bennett bought me a beer! I tried my best to conceal my excitement around him (his group was still standing in earshot of what was left of The Significant Six), but boy, was I a fan now. It started at the Meet & Greet, but now he’d won me over completely.

Eventually, said beer got empty again, and so did Matt’s and Kate’s, so I took all that was in me and asked if I could get them something, seeing that I was on my way to the bar anyway. And what can I say… It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Nah, that might be a little far fetched, but indeed after that, Matt, and partly the others, joined forces with The Significant Six to endure The Party From Hell. Pictures were taken, jokes were told… it was a blast! I have to say, Matt Bennett, his wife and Kate Hewlett are among the nicest people I met on this convention (the rest of The Significant Six are of course on an entirely different sheet of paper!). We really had a lot of fun and it was there when I knew, that most of what I thought of as an act with Matt, actually was genuine.

But wait! Didn’t you want to tell us what happened to your cigarettes? Well, I’d love to, but I won’t. Some things that happened in BaSa better stay there I guess. Just that much: Obviously, Matt, Brittany and Kate had a great time that night. Obviously, they stayed at the bar until 4 a.m., and not alone. And yes, more than one of The Significant Six might have been involved at one point or the other. I’d love to tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you. And I can’t do that, seeing that I’d like you to read the final chapter of this diary: Trinity In Space Impressions, Day 3 (Beyond Thunderdome) Coming up tomorrow …ish.

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