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Trinity In Space Impressions, Day 3 (Beyond Thunderdome)

Posted by melancholygeek on December 6, 2008

BSGWhat a con so far! I got to know the most remarkable people which led to the ad hoc formation of The Significant Six, kinda like The Avengers, only way, way cooler. We encountered foes in battles that soon will be legend: The Meet & Greet of Doom, the Shower Hose of Horror, the Panels of Panic, the Workshop of Wrath (or better Fremdschämen) and, most notable, the Party from Hell. And we prevailed! More than that, the little rag-tag group of connies came out of it better, stronger, faster… and in my case even with a free beer.

What’s to face for our heroes on this last day? More panels, another workshop (/o\) and of course the time to say good bye.

So grab your hankies and prepare yourself for the grand finale of The Significant Six vs. The Con, right here, after the cut.

Melancholygeek’s Con Diary, Day 3

Yesterday that evil, evil thing of a shower got my by surprise, but not so today! Indeed I managed to avoid another struggle with the hose monster, resulting in quite sub-par water pressure. And the knob fell of twice again. So I should have been at least somewhat grumpy this morning, but the marvels that were the con so far plus of course my lovely company at breakfast rendered all that void. Speaking of breakfast, we sat about two tables from Matt, Brittaney and Tony, and believe me when I say, Matt didn’t look good! But coffee obviously keeps his machine running (same here), so it was quite fascinating to watch him getting back to life, one pot at a time. Eventually he even noticed us and not only nodded or waved like an idiot, he actually came over and asked how we did. Did I mention how nice he is? It’s astounding. So the mood was great, The Significant Six reunited shortly after breakfast (two of us stayed at different hotels) to enter the last round of this con, beginning with…

10:00 a.m., Kate Hewlett

Actually I missed half of that panel for I was way too caught up in a chat with some of the other Significants. What we missed was Kate performing another one of her songs, this time accompanied by an actual guitar player, so I can’t say much about it, but apparently it’s been good. For the second part of her panel, we were in for another special treat. I mentioned how Kate, apart from acting, singing and songwriting also writes screenplays? Well, Matt and Brittaney came on stage and actually performed a scene from one of Kate’s plays, The Swear Jar. What can I say? It was awesome. Not just because of my newly discovered love for the actors mentioned, no, the scene was hilarious! I really wish at one point I’ll be able to watch the whole play. You’d think for someone doing so much as Kate, some things eventually have to suck, but from what I was to witness, she definitely can act, writes marvelous songs, has a beautiful voice and her screenplay, at least what we saw of it, was just great. She is definitely someone to keep an eye on (not only because she’s so pretty).

10:50 a.m., Matthew Bennett

After a short break with more chit-chat, Matthew Bennett came up on stage again, starting his panel with a showing of the trailer to his writing and directing debut, Kick Me Down, featuring his wife Brittaney. A trailer I might add, he seemed pretty proud of (having done all the editing etc himself). And I have to say, I’m quite intrigued by this movie. You’ll get more info on it as soon as I finally get to transcribe these panel notes I took. Sometime. Soon …ish. Next step in the panel were Matt’s adventures of the last night, faced with the Party From Hell. I mentioned the last time he took pictures, no? Well, he did, and wasn’t afraid to show them. As I might have mentioned as well, drunken nerds doing weird dances. And I have to say, Matt commented on the pictures way better than I ever could. Oh the poor souls that actually got called out by him during the slide show. I feel with you, trust me. The rest of the panel was (more or less) the usual Q&A and will (yeah, I keep telling you this, but it’ll happen!) covered once I manage to post the transcripts. Matt didn’t really seem to get any break this day, seeing that after his performance in Kate’s panel and his own, the very next thing on the program would be…

11:40 a.m., Matthew Bennett’s Workshop

It’s been mentioned before that the Trinity In Space was a rather Stargate-centric convention, having all four actors being stars on either SG-1 or SGA at one point and only Matt having been on BSG. Well, in the course of this workshop, us BSG fans were in for a treat! Way fewer people would embarrass themselves here than did in Tony’s workshop the day before, seeing that Matt’s plan (pun intended) was the following: He’d direct a casting session, having three times two people running the lines of a short scene (and as it turned out getting them to really act them out). So far so nice (and plenty opportunity for fremdschäming of course). Here’s the real awesome part: Those three scenes were actual scenes from the BSG TV movie The Plan that just finished shooting! Before I get in the slightly spoilery part (Matt did his best to choose scenes that don’t give away much, but there are at least some connections that became clear), let me say just this: You people who were on stage did a great job. Really, Matt did his directing pretty much for reals and it can’t have been easy getting pushed and prodded by him the way he did. On the other hand, as with Tony’s panel before, there were of course two major difficulties for you guys, you weren’t professionals in what you were doing plus you had to do it in a foreign language. So it’s perfectly understandable that he, well, had a bit of work to do to with you. You can imagine how watching it, well, brought back the fremdschäming quite a bit. But hey, it wasn’t all too bad. For the better part. I guess. Anyways, it’s been a really fascinating workshop. And I don’t really know whether I would be thankful to work under a director Matthew Bennett or, well, not. But he seems to be really good at what he’s doing, that’s for sure. Oh, and if you’d like to practice in that realm a little or are just interested in movie or TV scripts, Matt gave us the following leads to get them: Check out and, you’ll find a lot of stuff there.

Here endeth the report concerning all official business, seeing that I had to leave the wonderful BaSa after the following lunch break. All that happened there as well as my final verdict on the whole con experience will be topic of the conclusionary post Trinity In Space Impressions – Epilogue, appearing on this humble blog some time in the future (probably tomorrow, but you know me).

NEWSFLASH: I just decided to put the descriptions of the scenes used for Matt’s workshop in a separate post, seeing that I’d like to elaborate on them somewhat longer. So there you go, more waiting. Sue me.

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2 Responses to “Trinity In Space Impressions, Day 3 (Beyond Thunderdome)”

  1. Balzac said

    Oh MG, it makes me so happy to read your report, its so funny and I had to laugh loud at some parts…especially when its about to “fremdschäming” hihihi….I was already asked several times, who the f*** are the SIGNIFICANT SIX like its kind a super topsecret superhero-group…or a secret organisation who wants to rule the world *hahaha*

    Lg Balzac

  2. Mmmhhhh…. World Domination. I like that 🙂 We definitely should work on that.

    Oh, I miss you girls (and VBR)!

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