nothing but the rain

In which I become a hipster late adopter

Posted by melancholygeek on December 9, 2008

So, just a quick heads-up concerning the top right corner of this humble little page. No, not that, that’s the header, a bit lower… yes, yes, right below the search box… yes, YES! You got it! Right where it says MG@Twitter. Well, basically it’s just that. I signed up for Twitter.

Why you might ask. Well, mainly because I wanted to follow a couple of people I knew were using it and I’m just a passionate stalker. And perhaps a little vanity was part of the decision, to see how many followers I might attract.

So why should you follow me? Well, first and foremost you get as-it-happens notifications about new posts on this blog, so that’s something, no? Additionally, I’ll most probably twit… twitter… tweet.. whatever anytime I find some interesting link, especially about Battlestar Galactica, so you won’t wait for the next Linkroll to appear on this blog. Last but not least you’ll probably get to know your melancholy geek a little better. Don’t worry, I dont think I’ll get on my mobile anytime I take a dump to inform you about that. But occasionally I might drop a little personal note. And probably you’ll even find something interesting amongst the people I’m following, like the wonderful Veronica Belmont, the omni-awesome Wil Wheaton or the adorable Kate Hewlett.

And who knows, perhaps I might even start following you. But don’t get mad if I don’t, I’m really trying to keep the  list short so I don’t get totally lost in the twitterverse.


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