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Trinity In Space Impressions, Conclusion

Posted by melancholygeek on December 30, 2008

BSGThe year is nearing its end and as you know there are still some loose ends to tie up. First and foremost, what’s still missing is my final conclusion on what was this year’s Trinity In Space convention in Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany. Should you have followed the coverage of said event on this blog, you might already guess that the final verdict might lean a little towards the positive side. But first, lets briefly recapitulate the main points of the con, under the cut:


OK, Bad Salzdetfurth is far from being a metropolis, that’s for sure. While this highly hinders any leisure activity away from the con itself (yeah, there is a hot pool there, granted, but still), it also forces you to spend time at the hotel with the other connies (and perhaps even guests) and – heaven forbid! – socialize. And as I found out the hard way, that’s not necessarily a bad thing (see The Crowd).
The relaxa hotel itself is quite alright, although some strange things are happening in their shower cabins. The bar is nice, the food is quite alright, the staff nice and the conference hall adquate. Only downside I see here is the poorly ventilated (if at all) smoker’s lounge placed directly beside the elevator. This really is a impertinence towards the guests and especially the staff. My proposition (and that as a smoker): Make the whole hotel smoke-free. I have really no problem going outside for a smoke. And anyone who has is a dick and should be ignored.
So, verdict on the location: 4/5 (4.5 if smoke-free)


Firstly: The wolves did a great job. Seriously, there was really nothing major to complain about. Seeing on what budget and basically depending purely on volunteers they had to operate: Kudos! And the folks were really, really nice, even when obviously a little stressed out. One minor thing that comes to mind is the lack of space in front of the con-hall (especially during registration), which probably poses a hazard in case of a fire or something, the only kind-of-major thing again concerns the smoker’s longue at party-night, which was the only refuge for people not all too interested in Star Trekking, but was unbearable for non-smokers (and even some smokers). Seeing that I don’t really know how much of that was the wolves fault and how much was due to hotel regulations, I don’t assess that too highly.
Verdict on the organization: 4.5/5

The Crowd

Three words: The Significant Six. Don’t get me wrong, I got to talk a little to other attendees as well, and everyone I talked to was really, really nice, but hey, you guys were plain awesome. So this point is just dominated by how great you made my time at the con, and forgive me if I don’t get in touch with you on a regular basis, you’re not forgotten and I will get back to you eventually! So here’s to Adelix, balzac, Ninive, Tyrella and VBR:
Verdict on The Crowd: 6/5

The Guests:

I mentioned in the very beginning, I have no clue whatsoever about Stargate and basically signed up for this mission because of Callum Keith Rennie, who didn’t show up. Does that mean I was dissatisfied with the guests? Heck, no!
I have to say, Andee Frizzell didn’t do much for me (apart from the fact that I felt the desperate need to feed her), but she was funny, so that’s alright.
Tony Amendola was quite impressive, but then again, he is a true pro. It was definitely nice meeting him, but I probably wouldn’t go to some other con, just because he is there. I mention this, because this isn’t true for the other two guests.
Kate Hewlett is just plain adorable and yes, I might have developed the slightest of crushes when it comes to her. Whenever any of you gets the chance to see her in person, take it!
And then there’s of course Matthew Bennett. He was the only BSG guest, so there’s a plus of course. In addition to that, this guy is really, really great. I’m close to give him honorary membership status in The Significant Six. And he bought me a beer, so he has to be awesome, no? So:
Verdict on The Guests: 4/5 (basically because there was only one BSG guest)

So, all in all, this was a marvelous experience I wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world. Would I attend a convention again? Well, if it’s something nice and cozy like the Trinity, with some 150 people around and the actual chance to talk to the guests outside the program, yes. I don’t see me attending something huge like ComicCon or FedCon, but I will be on the look-out for the line-up for next year’s Trinity, that’s for sure. And probably do some research on similar sized conventions. And of course will try and get the gang back together for that then. Because, that was the main thing that stuck: The awesome bunch that were The Significant Six. Typing this totally brought back what will be my

One Word Impression: Conblues

Final verdict: 4.5/5

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5 Responses to “Trinity In Space Impressions, Conclusion”

  1. tmzcori said

    Make the whole hotel smoke-free.
    Funny thing is, at the Convention before Trinity in Space, the whole hotel was smoke-free. And I don’t think anyone really complained about getting outside for a smoke. It was freezing, but at least there was some fresh air… somewhere between the cigarettes, I’m almost sure of it.

    And I agree, although I was in the smoker lounge nearly all the time, it probably better to go outside.

    As for other little Conventions like this, I can recommend anything WolfEvents does, and Massive Events. There’s still a lack of BSG Cons from MassiveEvents, though.

    Hah, and hi by the way. Maybe I should mention that I stumbled across your blog at LJ. And I think we talked for about a minute at the Trinity *g*

  2. Yeah, I think we’re going pretty much d’accord concerning the smoking issue.

    And thank you for the heads-up! I already monitored the WolfEvents program, but Massive Events looks quite promising… HalloWheadon… Hmmm…

    And, yeah, hi! You might forgive me, when I can’t really place you at the moment, but seeing that all people I talked to at the Trinity were really nice, you had to be too! 🙂 I really enjoy your Tweets btw. And I definitely will check out Merlin some time soon 🙂

  3. tmzcori said

    You’re quite welcome. Massive Events is really nice, too. When I was there for their SG-1 Convention it too was pretty small and familiar. The people were all really nice. So definitely worth looking into!

    It’s okay that you can’t place me. Like I said, we only talked for about a minute, if not less, but you mentioned your LJ name. I think I mentioned something about BSG slash. *g*

    Thanks btw, I’m enjoying your posts and tweets, too. Especially your Trinity recap, heh. And yeah, Merlin is worth checking out. I really love that show, if you hadn’t noticed yet *g*

  4. Ninive said

    I had already forgotten so many things about that great weekend. Thanks for writing and refreshing my memories!!! Oh, and I wish you a guten Rutsch, have fun tonight!

  5. @Ninive: You’re very welcome! 🙂

    I hope you have a very nice evening and wish you a very Happy New Year! Hope to see you again sometime soon!

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