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Some BSG Tidbits (with a spoiler of course)

Posted by melancholygeek on January 5, 2009

BSGJust a brief roundup of a couple of things buzzin ’round the net, basically because I’m bored out of my mind at the moment, waiting for a tech to show up:

If you believe Ron D. Moore (and honestly, who doesn’t?), we actually will get to know the truth about, well, basically everything. At least that’s what he says in this interview with [SPOILER FREE]

To the spoiler: SyFy Portal’s Michael Hinman claims, he knows how it all ends. And by that I mean, the very last scene of Battlestar Galactica. Should this be true, well, I don’t really know what to think of it. Seems somewhat cheesy to me? A little?

And just because I hardly post enough YouTube videos here, a little something discovered by bluecrushfan over at battlestar blog, #21 of TV Guide’s All Time Top 25 Villains (No, not Michael Emerson):

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