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BSG ‘Sometimes A Great Notion’ Clip And Spoiler Policy

Posted by melancholygeek on January 6, 2009

BSGFirst and foremost a shout-out to newgeek who gave me the idea for this post (and a heads-up concerning the SaGN clip). You see, feedback is always appreciated and might even lead to a post, just for you. So click the fish, anytime.

Secondly, you might have already noticed, but I didn’t have the time to post it yet: SciFi Wire has an exclusive sneak peek at what I guess is the beginning of the next episode, Sometimes A Great Notion. It’s a little short of two minutes and I won’t tell you what it’s about, but you might find the last 16 seconds of it slightly spoilery. (It’s not on YouTube yet, so no embedding here)

Speaking of spoilers. Lately, some heroines of the net, namely ProgGrrl at Galactica Sitrep and Maureen Ryan at the the Chicago Tribune have posted about their stance towards spoilers concerning Battlestar Galactica’s final episodes (see here and here). The common denominator for both is: DO NOT WANT. Well, here’s my view (basically because I was actually asked for it):

Concerning this blog
Well, what can I say? the Google search query ‘battlestar galactica season 4.5 spoilers‘ for a long time gave this blog as first result (only lately The Patriot Resource [CAUTION SPOILER, duh] managed to overtake me again – Just you wait!). In general I guess it’s safe to assume that the posts dealing with BSG spoilers generate the most of my traffic here. So of course, I’ll keep on posting them.
But (and this is what probably sets me apart from TPR), even if you chose for yourself the way of the spirgin (spoiler-virgin, thanks ProgGrrl for this addendum to my vocabulary), you can still visit here and browse my postings. I (at least try to) never post spoilers openly but hide them behind cuts or print them white-on-white, so you have to highlight them. I throw [SPOILER ALERTS] around a lot. And if you click on the ‘play’ button of an embedded video without reading the post itself first, well, that’s your bad, not mine.
I can promise you this, I respect the spirgins in my audience and will stick to the policy stated above. If you don’t want to be spoiled, you won’t be on this blog. If you consciously choose to be, knock yourselves out.

Concerning melancholygeek
I admit it, I’m a spoiler-addict. Without io9’s Morning Spoilers, my day wouldn’t be complete. I read and watch everything I can get my hands on. Why you might ask? Because I hate surprises. As a kid, I knew all (and I mean ALL) my Christmas presents by the end of November. And I loved it! Anticipation is the greatest pleasure or so they say, and I tend to agree. Uncertainty isn’t (for me). I hate guessing, I hate hoping. But I can’t leave matters alone either. I just need to know.
Spoilers saved me from watching Indiana Jones and the Epic Skullf*ck in the theater, spoilers made me twitch with anticipation once BSG’s The Hub started (there’s a witness). I’m not saying, spoilers are the way to go for everybody, I’m no missionary. I just say, spoilers are what fuels my fire.
But you ruin your experience! No, not from where I’m standing. For me, knowing what is going to happen enhances my experience. Seeing how things are played out, how stuff evolves to reach that conclusion I know is going to happen makes me happy. It is definitely a different experience, yes, but I wouldn’t go so far to say it makes things worse.
And, concerning just that, I haven’t, for instance, watched the final The Face Of The Enemy episode yet, although it’s available for quite some time now. I know what happens, I know how the story ends, but I want to see it when it happens, and definitely not before I’ve seen episode 9. Because watching it beforehand, that would definitely ruin my experience.

I can only hope this clarifies my stance towards spoilers a little and made sense for you, just a little at least.

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